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Story Analysis: Batman Watchmen, the Dark Knight Return and Dark Knight Film (Essay Sample)

The supehero's Capacity to undergo revisions is one of the genre's most constant and characteristic quialities:" Whether the superher fid its roots in ancient mythologies or takes shape as the quintessential commodity of the 21st century's worl marketplace, it must be acknowleged that as long as the superhero has ben in existence, it has been in the making working through a series of revisions" this semedter, we have studies several texts that depict revisionary versions of two of the most famous superheroes: superman and batman. These versions present facinating oppertunities to explore changes in reader expectations, industry standards, societal restrictions and authorial intention as well as helping us to understand the multiple narrative possibilites each character contains. Choose erith superman or Batman. Write an essay (4pages) in which you discuss three stories tha feature the character or an obvious analogue (listed beelow). discus thesimilarites and differences that you observe in these ersions: try and explain how these differences and similarities help us to understand the different purposes of each auther. mak sure that refer directly to each story. Batman Versons:(if you chose must include 3 of the following stories) the dark knight returns by frank miller watchmen(nite owl,rorschach) the dark knight(film) astro city:conferrsions(the confessor) Superman version: The dark knight returns by frank miller watchmen(dr. Manhattan, Ozymandias) Superman:red son It's a bird source..

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(December 15, 2011)
Story Analysis: Batman Watchmen, the Dark Knight Return and Dark Knight Film
For the purpose of this assignment I will analyze the stories The Dark Knight Returns and Watchmen both were published in the same year and are comical books. In both stories are sophisticated and has high quality stories with evidence of originalities of the Dark Age. Although it is believed that The Dark Knight Return copied sophistication and quality from Watchmen, The Dark Knight Return story is based on Bruce Wayne who was a billionaire at the time he was being featured in the book. The book represent his ten years in retirement which is termed as his second life as “Batman”. As a Batman he used to roam at roof tops and streets of Gatham city during the night with an intention of fighting crime (Miller, 2011). While, his long time friend Jim Gordon is about to retire as the Gang Mutants are wreaking havoc in the city and Harvey Dent is who is also his about to be released from psychiatric institution.
Both stories The Dark Knight Return and Watchmen share similarities of retired heroes returning to action as well as aging which is evident in both stories. The superheroes in the stories are outlawed and the central characters are very brutal and violent. It is also evident that they are psychologically damaged in both stories and as the superheros on earth they are working hard to the president of the United States. The aspect of being in position of controlling people is addressed in both stories such that people should always be having leaders who take charge of their lives and controls them. Such controls are done through governed structures which ensure that there are rules to be adhered to in both stories. The main challenge is how those who are being lead are controlled to ensure they adhere to the rules. In Watchman and The Dark Knight Return the reader can witness violence as people try to defy the rules being set by being gangs who are terrorizing and stealing from people in the cities this are the main challenges which the heroes had to control in the societies they were living to ensure that they co-exist peacefully.
However, Watchman is being limited by three issues which are intelligent cinematic art layout and design, ambivalent and nuanced means of understanding role of humanity and good writing. This is contrast to the characters which are in The Dark Knight Return which are inscrutable and motiveless. In the story The Dark Knight Return the characters and inscrutable and motiveless, the villains in Watchmen demonstrates the understanding of humanity and even characters of justifiable motives. The hero’s do not have any form of personality or motive they are just killing people senselessly and just act as the plot demand them to do. The story does not provide a clear indication on why the batman behaves the way he does yet being a billionaire ...
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