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Summary of the EFA Goals (Essay Sample)

Refer to the United Nations (UNESCO) website http://portal(dot)unesco(dot)org/education/en/ev.php- URL_ID=49591&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201.html Access the Education for All Global Monitoring Report review on the free EFA PowerPoint (PDF light). The EFA goals for 2015 are also available in PDF format. Summarize the central features of the six (6) EFA goals. As you view the PowerPoint presentation, pay particular attention to the issues of gender, literacy, and poverty in the trends. On the same page you will find a “Regional Overview” link http://portal(dot)unesco(dot)org/education/en/ev.php- URL_ID=49642&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201.html Select two regions, and read the overviews and report on the findings for levels of education discussed (primary through advanced, as available). Rubric for Assignment #1 Aspect of Assignment APA Format Summary section  Summarize six EFA goals  Discuss trends by gender and poverty (3 pages) Summarize regional differences (2 pages) Personal comment on findings (1 page) Total : 7 pages source..

EFA Goals
October 21, 2012
Education for All Goals
Every child has a right to access quality education just in the same manner he can access his basic needs like food and shelter. According to Article 26 of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, every individual has the right to education (). Education paves a way for human growth and development it is the only way a society evolves and changes for the better. For individuals who are educated many doors open expanding opportunities for growth and freedom.
The Education for All EFA Goals
Goal One Expand early childhood care and education: This is the education offered during the formative years of a child’s life. At this developmental stage, it is important to offer Early Childhood Care and education (ECCE) ( This kind of education helps a child to have positive image about the self and their immediate world. By offering education at this tender age the child is given a foundation to express themselves socially and be creative.ECCE can be termed as the rock that a child encounters in his day o day life and it can take various forms raging from care given at home, the nursery or kindergarten education experience ( is the first rock a child grapples onto from a turbulent sea of large looming objects and minute by minute existence. It can take many forms from nursery school to the education offered at Kindergarten level.
The reason why the UNESCO insisted on this goal is because through out the developing countries this kind of education has been neglected and children lack a good educational grounding as they join the mainstream schooling fraternity.
Goal Two – Universal Primary Education: The UNSECO stipulated that every child is entitled to free and obligatory quality education by the year 2015(). This in essence means that the primary education must not only be availed to the students in the primary school level but should also be quality. Through the primary education, human beings are positioned to master the basic knowledge related to the world around them, it helps people to read and write. Moreover, people become acquainted with the necessary knowledge concerning the AIDS pandemic and how to avoid it together with the other infectious diseases (Global Monitoring Report, 2008). Through this education both boys and girls will be put on the same ground and learn with similar advantages. No longer will the girl child be prejudice and offered minimal or no education like it has been the case in the moss developing countries.
Universal Primary Education (UPE) can be attained by the year 2015 if the governments of the world are wiling to put the right structures and policies in the place (Global Monitoring Report, 2008). This goal is however impeded owing to the fact that the rate of enrolling the goal is very sluggish with notable nonchalance from the gove...
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