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Summary of Lecture Notes (Essay Sample)


It is called learning journal and just need to summarise in 100 words from each lecture note reflecting on key course concepts between week 1 to 12.
I attached all lectures and guide line.
Please read guide line, and don't hesitate to ask question if you have.


Summary of Lecture Notes
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5th June 2015.
The Week 1 lecture was about curriculum, learning and higher education. It mainly addressed the concept of curriculum, and learning, from its definition to basic applications of it. I found this topic interesting, since it involved utilization of a number of ways to learn classroom concepts. I was taking notes at each juncture, whether they were important or not, in order to keep on having a written record of what I had learnt. I found the writing part a little bit challenging and confusing, since what I saw as a piece of academic writing was quite contrary to the teacher's perspective.
The Week 2 lecture was about Self Efficacy and the independent learner. This lecture focused on a student's ability to believe in their own potential through the aspect of self efficacy. During the learning, I was able to get quite a clear and concise difference between fact and theory .I found the self reflection and personal analysis part of the lecture very interesting since it allowed me gauge myself and realize my inner potential. I was also able to get the importance of participating in group discussions, and the academic importance of believing in one/s own ability.
Lecture Week 3 was about learning from and with others. It introduced the element of collusion and how it differed with learning, providing a framework for effective cooperative learning and also offering an insight on how to properly participate in group discussions. I was able to clearly understand the importance of group study. I must admit that before this, I had very reserved and negative perspectives about group study and anything done collectively. This lecture helped me realize the importance of groups, how to define individual roles in a group, and ways to manage it in the case of a problem.
Lecture Week 4 was about Feedback and Higher Education. Here, focus was put upon the connection between feedback and learning, and how these two were tightly intertwined to the extent that they can be used as a measure of each other. What I found particularly interesting was the listening exercise, which involved listening and noting what was got from the video. Through self assessment, I was able to understand that I was much of a deep thinker than a results oriented student. I however found the writing exercise kind of a new idea, since I did not have a very keen interest in it. I knew I was in for a tough experience especially in grammar and spelling.
Lecture Week 5, Academic and Professional Skills for Science and Technology, immersed me into research and report writing. I was able to master the basic structure of a research paper, from the literature review to the recommendations. However, the report writing process encompasses the entire sk...
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