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Son Jara, also known as Sundatia Keita (Essay Sample)

fist you have to use only this book . the norton anthology of world literature second edtion sarah lawall,general Editor maynard mack,general editor emeritus valoum , A, b ,c .. I need you to write about 2 people in the book,in different pages . 1- Son Jara. 2- Murasaki source..

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Son Jara
Son Jara, also known as Sundatia Keita, Mari Djata or simply Sundiata, born in 1212 and died in 1255, was the founder of the Mali Empire. He was the son of Nare and Sogolon Conde. He was handicapped from birth and he overcame this to attain greatness. He is widely celebrated as one of the heroes of African history (Lawall & Mack, 2003). ‘The Epic of Sundiata’ is a tale that illustrates how he was part of a prophecy and overcame physical disabilities to rule the kingdom of Mali. When he was growing up, the Mandinkas were conquered by a king from the Ghana Empire, king Soumaoro (Lawall & Mack, 2003). He put up an army and when he was old enough he overthrew the king. He became the king of Mali through a great battle known as the Battle of Kirina, and hence the kingdom of Mali was formed.
He rose and became the Mansa of Mali and the empire later converted mainly to Islam. He outlined a constitution and administrative structures that laid the foundations of Mali Empire that stretched from the south to the north Niger River bend. His ruler ship is not described as being an absolute monarch contrary to what the title suggests. Each of the tribes of the empire had a chief representative at the court (Lawall & Mack, 2003). In order to remain powerful and dominate, he engaged in agriculture and sold his crops and became very wealthy. He ruled for about 25 years before he died. It is be...
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