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Buddha's attitude of mind (Essay Sample)

This is a English paper. The Criteria is attached! based on: Summary_of_The_Buddhist_Attitude_of_Mind.pdf Summary_assignment_criteria.pdf What_the_Buddha_Taught_.pdf source..

Buddha`s attitude of mind
The micro- cosmism basis of the Buddha religion is peace within the internal aspects of human beings. The first chapter of Rahula (1967) states that unlike other religions such as Christianity, which believe in external deity, Buddhism believes in the internal well being, happiness and satisfaction. Buddhism insists on respect, the freedom of thought and tolerance, factors that are main principles of Buddhism. The Buddhist‘s attitude of mind, whose central theme is the freedom of thought, emphasizes on understanding, tolerance and compassion-the main teachings of Buddhism.
Buddha`s teachings were based on the relationship among people. Although every religion needed followers, Buddhism supports the progress of all religions. He did not support inter-religious conflicts because he believed peace and satisfactions were the paramount factors in a human life. His teachings insisted on the safety of men, their peace and tranquility.
Buddha`s attitude of the peace of mind was expressed in form of parables. For instance, in a case where he lived in the forest, he collected some lives in his hand and asked his disciples what they thought about the lives in his hand. One of the disciples answered that the lives in the hand were few but in the hands of the blessed one and like those in the forest, which were abundant but not in he hands of the blessed one. This shows that Buddha insisted on togetherness (Rihula, 1967).
Within the metaphysical realism, Buddha`s teachings developed great and comprehensive philosophies that rotated around deed, thought and word. The three poles of this philosophy can be understood through a unified praxis of an individual person: the body, mind and deeds. In order to be a good person, one should obey these aspects of his or her body (Rihula, 1967).
The Buddhists` attitude of mind, whose central theme is the fre...
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