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Substantial Theory of the Etiology of Alcoholism (Essay Sample)


Briefly review what you feel is the most convincing and substantial theory of the etiology of alcoholism. Back up your claim with available research data.


Substantial Theory
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The modern disease theory of alcoholism states that the problem of drinking is sometimes caused by a structural or functional abnormality of the brain. In 1956, the American Medical Association declared that alcoholism was a serious medical condition. Later on, in 1991, they further endorsed the dual classification of alcoholism as a medical and a psychiatric condition.
It is now regarded as a chronic illness, which is caused by a number of environmental, psychological, social and genetic factors. The more risk factors an individual exhibits, the higher are their chances of becoming an alcoholic. Some of these causes are manageable, and the others are out of the person’s control. For example, an individual may not be able to change their environment. A significant number of people are living a miserable life, having problems related to family, friends, education, job, and others. They become an addict because of their stressful and challenging environment.
According to S. V. Siegmund and D. A. Brenner, more than 70 percent of high school students and working men and women drink alcohol due to the fact that they remain under consistent pressure in one way or the other (Siegmund & Brenner, 2004). Certain mental diseases like anxiety, bipolar disorder, and depression are said to be the major cause of alcoholism. It is easy to turn to alcohol when a person feels depressed, restless or anxious. However, the effects of alcohol are long term, leading to becoming an addict and eventually losing life.
Some people are habitual of taking alcohol with food or medicines. For example, celebrities, athletes and several public figures consider their dining table incomplete without having some alcoholic beverages. In the meantime, it is said that certain medicines cannot be taken without alcohol. When a person uses those medicines, they take alcohol in a significant quantity. As a result, they become an addict and soon find their survival impossible without it.
Another common cause of alcoholism is family history. You may have a parent or a relative who is an alcoholic. When you will sit with them or have a discussion with them, they might urge you to try the drink, and this can increase your risks of becoming an addict. Part of this is because of genetics, but some environmental factors are also involved. If you do not want to become an addict, then it is essential for you to avoid spending time with family members or friends who are habitual of drinking alcohol every day. You should especially not sit with them when they are enjoying their drink.
The disease is characterized by symptoms such as co

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