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Life Hacks and Free Online Services for Students in London (Essay Sample)


Topic: Life Hacks and Free Online Services for Students in London



You must comply with all the requirements listed below. If at least one requirement specified below is not fulfilled, the article will be sent back for a rewrite or the order will be canceled and the money returned. If you ignore this requirement, we reserve the right to leave a bad review about you and no longer cooperate with you. Please respect our and your time, thank you!




●     Word count: 1100 words.

●     Uniqueness: 100% (It must be a unique article!)

●     The article should be 100% free of spelling/grammar mistakes

●     For your convenience, an approximate outline of the article and keywords are added below, as well as useful resources that will help you better disclose the topic.

●     You can change the outline of the article if you think it will be better.

●     Use Bullet Lists like in the article (example)

●     Use External Links like in the article (example)

●     This article must have a real value for a reader!


Your task is to write the article according to the requirements and to cover the topic in the article as much as possible. The text should be high-quality, easy to read and solve the question of the reader. Before publication, your article will be checked. If the article is of poor quality and does not meet our requirements, the order will be canceled, and the task will be sent to another writer.


You need to use these keywords in the text. Keywords in bold should be used unchanged and according to the instructions in parentheses. Keywords not shown in bold can be changed at your discretion.


Keywords should be highlighted:

●     Resume Rocket

●     pre written papers

●     paper writing service

●     free stuff for college students

●     free things for students

●     online resources for college students

●     free resources for students

●     services for students






●     Introduction (one paragraph, up to 100 words)

General information

●     Body (If necessary, you can improve or change them, up to 1000 words)


●      Free Amazon Prime With Prime Student

○     Use here phrases like:’ my friend Mike Johnson, who works in the  paper writing service  told me:”Hated to be a student in the past due to my student loan debt and now even Amazon Prime is free, want to be a student again and use it free” 

●     Free Checking Accounts

○     Banks in college towns often offer free checking accounts for students

●     Free Microsoft Office

○     Use here phrases like:’..after all now work with documents, essays, course works using pre written papers  is even cheaper than ever’

●     Free Github

●     Free Autodesk

●     Free Resume Samples on Writing Service sites (use Resume Rocket here)

●     Conclusion (one brief paragraph, up to 100 words)

Sum up the article


Check out a few of these resources for a better understanding of the topic:






Try to minimize sentences so that they contain no more than 20 words. Avoid using adverbs and passive voice.


Use the to find:

●     Excessively long sentences.

●     Adverbs.

●     Passive voice.


Use Sub-Headings, But NOT as "Introduction", "Body", "Conclusion". Use Sub-Headings According to Content Only.




Include at least 2 references to reliable sources. Links should only look like this: any word, phrase or sentence with a hyperlink. Example: here is an example of such a link.




You must add 2 or 3 images to the article. Images must be organically distributed and inserted into the article! Images must be openly licensed for alteration and publication, without watermarks. Here are the resources where you can find them:







After you have finished writing the article, be sure to check the text for grammatical errors. We always check the articles, in case of errors, the article will be sent back for revision.


Please read your text aloud to ensure:

●     You have not overused the same words

●     That it is grammatically correct

●     That it flows well




Please add at least 5 resources on which your article is based.


Life Hacks and Free Online Services for Students in London
College life is one of the most exciting moments for students. It is an opportunity to meet new people, learn new things, and shape the future. Indeed, being in college is a dream come true for most individuals. Nonetheless, students tend to operate on tight budgets. A majority of students do not come from well-off families. Such learners often find themselves strapped for cash. While it is challenging for such students to survive in college, companies have devised ways of giving freebies to students. The companies seek to enhance loyalty among the students knowing that soon the students will be through with college and continue using particular products or services. You can take advantage of the following free things for students.
Amazon Student
Amazon Student works the same as Amazon Prime; the only difference is that it is meant for students. Amazon Prime subscribers enjoy the following.
* Shipping benefits.
* Streaming benefits.
* Shopping benefits.
* Reading benefits.

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