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Why Students Shouldn't Drop Out of High School Before 18 Years of Age? (Essay Sample)


You have to write an essay sample on Why Students Shouldn't Dropout of High School Before 18 Years of Age


Why students shouldn't drop out of high school before 18 years of age
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Dropping out of high school is becoming a crisis in the United States. According to education reformers, about one-third of nine grade students do not graduate from high school. Continued failing in many classes, severe bullying, loss of interest in school, pregnancy, failure to fit in, academic pressure, getting other opportunities, alcohol and drug addiction, economic hardships and sexual abuse are the top ten reasons why students drop out of high school. Nevertheless, students should not leave high school until they are eighteen due to various reasons.
Staying in school will help in getting a good career.
An excellent career equals going to college which is one of the reasons not to drop out of school. Going through the entire high school career helps one graduate with a diploma making you eligible to apply to college. However, dropping out leaves one stuck doing manual jobs for the rest of your life. Thus, if you want to become a lawyer, business owner and engineer among other careers, completing high school is essential.
Staying in school helps in getting a meaningful job.
The current employment market targets individuals who have skills and have qualified from colleges. Likewise, in manual jobs, employers require individuals

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