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Steps to create a high performance team (Essay Sample)

Here is the scenario...... *****While surfing the internet, you find this note in your favorite discussion group ... "Help! I have just been assigned to head up a new product design team at my company. The division manager has high expectations for the team and me, but I have been a technical design engineer for over four years since graduating from the university. I have never 'managed' anyone ... Let alone lead a team. My Boss keeps talking about her confidence that I will create a 'high performance team.' Does anyone out there have any tips to help me master this challenge? Signed ... Galahad!" Now our essage should be 1 pag answering below *********As good citizens of the Internet, your group decides to answer ... What message will your Team send out? source..
Steps to Create High Performance TeamName:Institution:
Congratulations Galahad for the new task to head up a new product design team at your company. Since you have to run a high performance team, I do share with you standard principles for a high performance team in any organization. It is worth saying high-performance in any given organization results business growth if teamwork, competition and independence in market are enhanced. High-performance teams do not occur in natural form; they are created and properly managed. It is important to build relationships, enhance commitment, and trust for better results (Katzenbach and Smith, 1993).
Different authors list different number of steps for high-performance team. Some give three, some five while others seven. When you study all the steps critically, the following step appears at one point of the steps as a sub-step or as a main step. To summarize the steps from different authors, there is need to create vision and enhance Commitment for all employees. Production of Powerful actions should be encouraged to achieve the vision. Relationships and trust is key for high levels of innovation and creativity. Once relationships are built, it is importance to build a commitment focused or based teamwork. To sustain the team work, it is good to organize frequent review meetings for monitoring and evaluation. Breakthroughs should be handled professionally by any organization. Lastly, an organization has to have strategies for effectively managing problems of any breakdown (McAdams, 1996).
For purposes of this task, I recommend three main steps. First, chartering the team, secondly, developing and fully equipping the team with basic and other essential team necessities. Thirdly, sustai...
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