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Standardized Learning Techniques & Theory of Metacognition (Essay Sample)


hello, can you write the Stage Two(words 1000) for me, but I already write the stage one and hand in the essay 1 (words 500), so I am worried that the teacher will find out the difference between the two essays.


Active Learning is More Effective Method
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Active Learning is More Effective Method
Learning strategies are complex cognitive processes that are above learning procedures in the hierarchy of knowledge; focused on solving specific problems. They can be described as a specific sequence of actions aimed at achieving the main learning objectives. Development of thinking and skills in solving practical problems in a group of students has shown a high degree of motivation among peers. Active learning methods stimulate the cognitive activity of students. They are mainly built on a dialogue that presupposes a free exchange of views on how to solve this or that problem. This assignment aims to discuss the standardized learning techniques; focusing on active learning strategies, the theory of metacognition, and significance of metacognition in improving students’ academic performance. It will also compare the effectiveness of active learning and passive learning and justify which method is more effective for better learning. Involving the students in active learning by providing them with the opportunity to independently create materials and present their concept occupies prime significance in standard learning techniques.
Standardized Learning Techniques & Theory of Metacognition
Metacognition is a special sphere, a kind of information, where knowledge explores itself. The meta-cognitive aspect is inherent in any knowledge at any stage of its development (Huertas, López, & Sanabria, 2017). A student’s interest in himself as a cognitive being goes back centuries and millennia. Nonetheless, only modern cognition ripens in order to form an independent specialized field of self-study. It can be argued that metacognition should take into account all aspects of its object while knowledge focuses on all types of its elements and their structural certainty (Nisbet & Shucksmith, 2017). The theoretical metacognitive knowledge reflects the patterns of development of the theory as a special section of learning and education. This indicates that metacognition refers to one’s learning, awareness and knowledge.
Metacognition and standard learning techniques differ with each other, as the metacognition focuses on their own learning style, while standardized learning methods are predefined parameters for learning. As far as the standardized learning techniques are concerned, these are a specialized way of actively acquiring knowledge. Therefore, it is one of the directions of development of the student’s personality. The specificity of this method lies in the consistent and purposeful testing of the activity of the students themselves. This includes an understanding of the educational task, mastering the methods of active transformations of the object of mastering, and understanding the methods of self-control (Winne, 2017). On this basis, there arises the task of forming a more independent transition of students from performing one component of learning activities to others that is, shaping ways of self-organizing activities.
Standardized learning techniques involve different methods to engage students in continuous learning, for example, Color Coding Reading Method, SQ3R, Parallel, and Cornell (Gibson, 2018). SQ3R aims to conduct qualitative integration for textual information. This assists in getting increased benefit during reading, structuring, and comprehension of the knowledge and in recognizing the information that is appropriate for the tasks. SQ3R is an abbreviation of the five-step information processing algorithm: Survey, Question, Read, Recall, and Review. Moreover, color coding is based on matching one color to one...

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