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Specific illnes-diabieties (Essay Sample)

I did graphic organizer for instructor and I am attaching it . Please read instruction from instructor. If you have question please contact me through messages source..
Topic Announcement: Diabetes
Background: This is a condition where an individual has high blood sugar. It is a condition in which an individual`s blood sugar level goes above the normal levels. It leads to a situation where a person`s body is incapable of handling the ingested sugars effectively. It leads to high blood sugar level, a situation known as hyperglycemia. Diabetes is among the most common health problems facing the people in the developed world today, alongside obesity.
Thesis: This essay seeks to create a greater understanding as to what diabetes is and how it can be managed. It will take the form of a descriptive and informative essay. The factors about diabetes that will be discussed include the types of diabetes, causes of diabetes, symptoms, and management of the condition. Moreover it will discuss proper diet and physical fitness can be the key to maintaining the right blood sugar level thus controlling diabetes
Management: Healthy Diet
Diet is not only about eating the right types of food. Rather, it is about making sure that the foods eaten agree with the individual`s body weight and the food requirement as at a specific time. The food choices should also be in such a manner that they can lead to the realization of healthy living. The diet is responsible for providing all the nutrients that an individual needs. As such, observing a healthy diet is one of the greatest efforts towards the control of diabetes. The eating times should also be well timed. Failure to eat food for a long time can lead to a drastic fall in sugar level, a situation known as hypoglycemia. This can lead to complications such as convulsions and coma. On the other hand, taking of too much food at a given time lead to a drastic rise in the blood sugar levels; a condition known as hyperglycemia. This is where an individual has more sugar in the blood than is healthy. It can also lead to complications. With reference to this, the diet needs to be designed in such a manner that an individual takes small meals many times in a day. This helps in making sure that the individual does not slip into a condition involving fluctuations in the blood sugar levels. This can only be realized by observing a proper eating regime where the meals are well planned and distributed all through the day. From this perspective, it can be seen that healthy diet is not just about making the healthy food choices. Rather, it is about making sure that healthy foods are eaten in the right manner.
Healthy diet is one of the factors that can be used in controlling the condition. This comes in that an individual has to make the right food ch...
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