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The Spanish Colonization in the Philippines (Essay Sample)


You have to write an essay sample on The Spanish Colonization in the Philippines 


The Spanish Colonization in The Philippines
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In regard to the question where did Spain colonize, the Philippines was one of the colonies. The land of the Philippines was full of natural resources and, this explains the reasons as to why it was colonized by Spain. This period of colonization was known as the Spanish colonial era and took place within the history of the Philippines in 1565 up to 1898. Its start was marked by the arrival of Miguel Lopez. As well, the end of the Spanish colonization was marked by the beginning of the American colonization on the Philippines. The Spanish lost in the Spanish-American war, and, this made the Philippines one of America's colonies. The Spanish colonization had various goals that the Spanish colonizers aimed at achieving from the Philippines.
Reasons for the Spanish colonization
The Spanish aimed at expanding their economy by bringing in new resources that they did not have as well as adding to those that they had. In addition, the Philippine land was rich in minerals and, therefore, they took the opportunity of colonizing them so that they could exploit such minerals. In addition, the Philippines had been discovered under the leadership of the Spanish, and therefore, they deserved to own it. Also, the Spanish wanted to spread Christianity across other parts of the world.
Effects of Spanish Coloniz

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