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Soulmate It Doesn't Exist Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


1. I want the same writer to write for me because i need 7 page research paper and I want one page introduction after 3 days and the supporting ideas(6 pages) after 10 days. This going to be a persuasive paper about a soul mate it doesn't exist. I chose this topic because most people believe on soul mate and I want to convince my reader it doesn't exist. i need one page introduction remembering to pick claims that not everyone already agrees with, that are arguable, that aren't strictly factual but based on soul mate it doesn't exist. Oh and they need to be a single sentence.
I need good hook and thesis statement, you can start with a quote which relate to the topic.
2. for the rest of 6 page use this P.I.E format on each paragraph. P.I.E means point, illustration and explanation.
• The point is one that YOU make – it should be your observation, your idea, YOUR VOICE.
• The illustration you use to support your point (either a quote or paraphrase) is the AUTHOR'S VOICE– you will be summarizing a specific section of the essay or quoting the author directly.
• The explanation is YOUR VOICE again: you are letting your readers know how the quote or paraphrase you've chosen shows your point, develops or connects to your thesis, and why it is important for your overall idea.


Soulmate It Doesn't Exist
Soulmate it doesn't exist
I have heard about soulmates, but I believe that it is a tough task finding one. I don't believe that there is someone out there who is meant for each other. The beliefs in a soulmate are pervasive, even though the majority of people hold on to this belief. The question is, do people who look for their soulmates eventually find then and if so do they live happily ever after? The idea of soulmate is not just looking for someone out there to settle down with and live happily; it's about believing that you and your future partner are predestined therefore ending up with anyone apart from the predetermined one would be more of a pretense (Vannier & O'Sullivan,2016).
People who believe in soulmate simply look for positive emotional reaction and compatibility; they often believe that they will immediately click. They do not show much effort to work on their long-term relationship. Such beliefs make people engage in an intense search for soulmates. Such people only stay in a relationship when things are compatible, when problems arise; those who believe in soul mates find it difficult to cope because they believe that these would automatically fall in place (Vannier & O'Sullivan, 2016).
People who believe in soulmates give up when a relationship is not as perfect as they expected. The idea of soulmates kills individual efforts to work to ensure their relationships become successful with good partners. Soulmates do not exist; a t...
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