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How Social Media Platforms Help With Communication (Essay Sample)


The summary essay has to based on the outline what I submitted , the essay should have 500 or more words , and the outline what I submitted has 350more words you can use the outline and add and supplement. The article's name is ''Are We Wired''. And i submitted some required and stand of evolution by pictures!


Social Media
Social Media
While in the past social media has been considered as a tool for the antisocial persons in the society especially among the youths; it is one of the most effective communication tools of this generation (Osterrieder, 2013). This is a platform that allows individuals to connect with other like-minded people not just locally but internationally (Slaney, 2017). It offers the flexibility of interacting with another person or persons across the globe as if they were in the same room. The messages, whether in plain text, pictorial or videos are instantly received. The social media networks offer a new level of interaction for people globally, taking away past limitations of time and place (Slaney, 2017).
Thesis statement: Social media platforms make communication more effective and easier linking like-minded people across the globe at an instant.
Humans are naturally social which is explained by the elements of creating environments and activities that are geared towards making special contacts with other persons (Osterrieder, 2013). It is common for activities such as playing sports, listening to music and performing in arts to be used as platforms that offer these interactions (Slaney, 2017). Even at home, environments such as the dining area and playgrounds are created with the aim of social interactions in mind. These are environments that encourage local interactions, however, there are more chances of interaction, with the social platforms (Bell, 2014).
The social media platforms offer the chance to now interact with other people in far places and even time zones (Bell, 2014). Using social media, it is possible to connect with another person across the globe. One does not have to be in the same room as the person they are interacting with (Slaney, 2017). Even aspects such as dating can be done online with persons in another country or region.
It is also possible for people join others in activities that they consider valued to them. Using the social media, global campaigns, such as raising awareness on certain diseases can be established with ease. This way millions of people can take part and make significant contributions to global challenges (Slaney, 2017).
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