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SING CampaignSing Campaign: Non-Governmental Organization (Essay Sample)


Watch the video by Annie Lennox as she talks about the SING Campaign and write a 300-400 word rhetorical analysis essay.
Use essay format: Include an introduction and thesis, body, specific examples, and a conclusion.
Answer the following questions to help you write your essay:
What motivated Annie Lennox to create the SING Campaign? Who is the target audience? What is the purpose? What is the background and context for the SING Campaign? How is A VIDEO different from a print ad? Which rhetorical appeals are used and which is the most convincing? How does her language and style contribute to the SING Campaign? How do the images shown by Lennox influence the audience? How does Lennox contribute to the ongoing conversation about HIV/AIDS? Finally, do you think Annie Lennox persuaded her audience? Explain using evidence, a minimum of two specific examples, from the TED Talk.


SING Campaign
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The SING Campaign is a UK-based nonprofit, non-governmental organization established by Annie Lennox a few years ago. The purpose of this campaign is to raise funds and create awareness regarding issues surrounding AIDS. The money SING raises is spent on people who have HIV/AIDS in South Africa and worldwide. The organization primarily collects money from rich and wealthy people and helps those who are fighting HIV/AIDS but cannot afford treatment or medications. Annie Lennox was much inspired by Zackie Achmat's 46664 HIV/AIDS concert and decided to raise money for poor and needy people by establishing an NGO which she called SING (Graber, 2017).
SING doesn't provide any support or assistance to people suffering from diseases other than HIV/AIDS. In her video, Lennox clarifies that she was impressed to write the track and establish an organization after seeing the performance of South African activist Zackie Achmat at Nelson Mandela's concert. She got to know that HIV/AIDS is one of the most serious and deadly diseases in the world and that a lot of patients cannot afford the treatment due to financial problems. Her track of the same name was produced by Glen Ballard and interpolated the South African tune "Jikelele." An activist group known as The Generics came forward to compose the music of Annie Lennox's song free of cost (Graber, 2017).
Who is the target audience? What is the purpose? As alre

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