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Signature Assignment About Articles (Essay Sample)


Signature Assignment About Articles 


Signature assignment about articles: Option 1
Institutinon: 1. Graphic organizer reflecting brainstorming activity
 2. Outline
The introduction section provides a brief definition of online privacy. The section also provides an overview of the content of the paper.
Analysis of arguments presented in the article
This is the second section and it provides the summary as well as an analysis of emerging ideologies and argumentations presented in three different articles obtained from EBSCO database.
Personal argument about online privacy
In this section, the writer provides a personal reflection in respect to the topic of online privacy.
The paper concludes by providing a brief discussion of the effectiveness of each article discussed in the analysis section.
Signature assignment about articles: Option 1
Online privacy entails the consent or right of personal privacy in respect to the storing provision to third party, repurposing, and displaying of data and information belonging to an individual via the internet or online. This article will provide a brief analysis of the contribution of three articles retrieved from EBSCO database on the topic of online privacy. In addition, the article provides an personal reflection or argument about internet privacy. The last section of this article provides brief summary of the contribution of each article to the persuasiveness and effectiveness of online privacy.
Analysis of arguments presented by each article
Each of these three articles provides different approach to the topic of online privacy. Firstly, in his article, “The Face of Facebook,” Jose A. Vargas discuses the emerging privacy issues from Facebook, the leading social network in the world. The not only focuses on the life history of Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook, but also provides the instances where online platforms such as Facebook have contributed to breach of privacy of individuals. To this extent, the author observe that following the introduction of Facebook platform, the ability of internet users to control their privacy has reduced significantly mainly because third parties are able to access and read vital information about users online simply by visiting their profiles. The article, therefore, is successful in providing important information concerning how the introduction of social media platforms such as Facebook has contributed to reduced privacy online.
Conversely, in his article, “Online privacy,” Griffen M tackles the topic of teenagers and their increasing tendency of “over-sharing” their lives or personal activities via the internet. In light of this, Giffen argue that the new generation of teenagers expose themselves online or on the internet by sharing or posting “everything” concerning their daily lives. In turn, this puts these...
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