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Financial Reform in Schools Education Essay Research (Essay Sample)


Double Space.
12 point Times New Roman Font. Two pages


ECON 2500W Writing in Economics

Key Points

  • Cite Sources
  • Analyze, Don’t Summarize

-          Clear, principle argument

-          Good logical argument

  • Write actively

-          Write in Anglo Saxon

-          Avoid the passive voice

-          Avoid weak verbs and nominalizations

  • Edit, Edit, Edit
  • Coherence and Flow

Paper Structure

  1. 1.      Introduction

1.1.   Introduction – open the paper and introduce the topic

1.2.   Overview – in a few sentences describe the overall problem and cause, potential solutions and how they work

1.3.   Thesis – state your case for which solution is best & why in 1-2 clear sentences


  1. 2.      Problem

2.1.   Describe problem & argue why it is a problem

2.2.   Explain why this problem exists, how it came to be, and why it doesn’t resolve

2.3.   Detail who is involved and especially who suffers from this problem

2.4.   Show some evidence (data, tables, graphs)


  1. 3.      Potential Solution #1

3.1.   Describe solution & how it would work (How would it resolve the problem?)

3.2.   Advantages of this solution?

3.3.   Disadvantages of this solution?

3.4.   Who is involved with and who is affected by this solution?


  1. 4.      Potential Solution #2 (& #3)

4.1.   …


  1. 5.      Comparison

5.1.   Compare solutions against each other

5.2.   What type of considerations would lead to choosing one solution or another?



  1. 6.      Preferred Solution

6.1.   Say which solution you prefer and argue why it is the most beneficial overall

6.2.   Describe why you prioritize the advantages/disadvantages of your solution over others

6.3.   Discuss any reluctance you have about your solution & how you might address it?


  1. 7.      Summarize & Conclude

7.1.   Remind readers of scope of problem and possible solutions

7.2.   Recap which factors are most important in making a decision about the solution to choose

7.3.   Connect those factors to your chosen solution and summarize why it is the best option




First Paper:

Can School Finance Reforms improve long term earnings? 

  • School finance reforms increase school spending in low income school districts.


Reference List?



Financial Reform in Schools
Your Name
Subject and Section
Professor’s Name
February 20, 2020
Academic institutions, for the most part, have always been believed to be solely dedicated to the propagation of knowledge and the improvement of its students’ well-being. While this should always be the focus of every institution, it must also be noted that increasing profitability and long-term earnings are essential, not only for its survivability, but also for improving its overall performance CITATION Can16 \l 1033 (Rothstein & Lafortune, 2016). In this paper, the author would discuss specific school finance reforms (SFRs) that can be done to improve the institution’s long-term earnings. Notably, it would focus on schools from low-income districts since these are the institutions that have the most population, but the least budget as compared to others CITATION Bur19 \l 1033 (Burnette, 2019). All in all, the author believes that by implementing some school reforms, academic institutions from low-income districts could help increase long-term earnings that would supplement its budget for the service of its students.

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