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Schizophrenia 2 (Essay Sample)

I need a paper about Schizophrenia. *I need different sources for each paragraph preferably peer-reviewed articles or case studies. (You can just put the citation(s) right underneath the paragraph that because i don't need a separate cite page) Intro: Just briefly explain the disorder Paragraph 1: Describe the symptoms of the disorder Paragraph 2: Explain the causes for it and how it can be triggered Paragraph 3: Explain some of the treatments or therapy available to treat the disorder Paragraph 4: Show some statistic or fact about the disorder Conclusion: Just give a brief conclusion. Tell some thoughts or feeling or anything way to wrap the whole thing up source..
SCHIZOPHRENIA Name: Grade Course: Tutor’s Name: (16 March, 2012) Schizophrenia Introduction The disease is also called personality disorder. It is a severe, chronic and debilitating mental disorder which affects many people in the world. The victims of this disorder find themselves out of touch with reality. They are normally unable to isolate the real and unreal experiences. The disorder has affected approximately 1 % of the American population. In actual sense, this corresponds to about million of the American population. In addition, other statistics indicate that the disease occurs commonly in men that women. It affects approximately one and half extra men than women. The disease has no specific or single cause. Additionally, hereditary factors normally increase the susceptibility of people to the disorder. Also, environmental factors lead to varying levels of the disease to various people. The disorder is among the psychotic mental disorders characterized by thought, character and social problems symptoms. The symptoms of the disease include hallucinations, negative symptoms, delusions and disorderly behavior and speech. Five types of the disease exist. They are named according to the nature of symptoms the individual has during the assessment period. These classes of the disorder include residual, disorganized, catatonic, paranoid and undifferentiated schizophrenia. Kids as little as six years may be found to possess all the signs of the disorder in a similar way to the adults. They may carry these symptoms to adulthood. Despite the fact that the name of the disorder was discovered recently, the various symptoms of the disorder existed throughout the entire documented history. In short, the disorder is thought to be caused by a complicated group of hereditary, environmental and psychological factors. In terms of diagnosis, medical practitioners diagnose it through the collection of comprehensive mental heath, cultural/social, and family information (Ross, 2008). The heath expert may also execute physical examination or request for the personal physician of the individual to carry out one. These medical examinations and scrutiny normally include laboratory tests. Furthermore, the medical experts normally try establishing the availability of mental disorders, which may arise. In most cases, individuals with this disorder have an increased risk of getting various other conditions of mental-health, committing suicide or dying early compared to people lacking the disorder. Inmost cases, psychological interventions for the disorder exist. This include creating awareness among the members of the family, treating substance abuse, training in social skills, assertive community training, enhanced employment, therapy in cognitive behavior and proper weight management. On the contrary, the main focus for research of the disease ...
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