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A Rise In Mental Health Problems Among Students (Essay Sample)


Mental Health Essay (Cause-Effect / Research Essay) Assignment Sheet

Grade value of assignment: 100 points

Assignment description: The goal of this essay is to discuss the possible causes of a disturbing phenomenon on American campuses: a rise in mental health problems among students. To examine this issue thoroughly, you will need to do extensive research on the topic. You will need to provide examples and a clear explanation for each of your points. You will need to find at least three credible sources to use in your paper.
Length of essay: minimum of 2 pages (not including a cover or reference pages)
Format requirements: double-spaced, font size 12, Times New Roman, 1-inch margins
Organization: Your essay must follow the standard organization. It must have an
introduction (with a thesis statement), at least three body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Each body paragraph must start with a topic sentence. The topic sentence must be followed by support sentences that give examples, explanations, facts, or other supporting evidence for the claim in the topic sentence.
References: In this essay, you must use at least three references. At least one of these references must be from a peer-reviewed journal.
Writing skills to practice: the ability to 1) research and synthesize readings, 2) cite sources appropriately, 3) paraphrase and summarize appropriately 4) write in the formal language, 5) use cause/effect transition words accurately, 6) self-edit writing


Mental Health Essay
Author Name
According to the National Alliance on Mental Health, more than 70% conditions of mental health appear prior to 23, which means teenagers have higher chances of developing depression, anxiety and other complications than the adults. Researchers also indicate that the frequency of health problems among students is at its peak and the number of pupils looking for medical assistance has increased by 49% between 2014 and 2018. Alone in the United States, nearly two thousand college and university students develop serious mental disorders every year (Junne, 2016).
The stressful college life and day-to-day challenges have triggered psychological health difficulties in recent months. Students are asked to study appropriately, score well, work hard, and come up with the expectations of their teachers and parents. They are kept under pressure all the time, and in case of an emergency, access to affordable, reliable and quality care is limited. After finishing their studies, many graduates have to deal with the problems of unemployment (Clow, & Edmunds, 2014). Depression among students comes in different forms; a survey conducted by Harvard University revealed that in 2013, 20% of students experienced depression during their college hours. Teachers used to put much pressure on their minds, and they were ordered to complete multiple assignments and projects simultaneously (Eby, & Brown, 2015).
Depression is a serious illness that made them feel helpless and despondent, completely detached from the world. Symptoms of this illness di

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