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Emergency Medical Service Attitudes Toward Geriatric Prehospital Care and Continuing Medical Education in Geriatrics. Rhetorical analysis (Essay Sample)

Guideline for Rhetorical analysis assignment Read the article attaches then follow the Guideline below: Topic In this short (3-page) paper, you will analyze the writing in an article for a specialized professional audience. We'll use these analyses to better understand how technical or professional authors adapt writing to their audiences. Aristotle's concepts of ethos, pathos, and logos will be our guiding theory in understanding technical writing, and will be the main tools for analyzing your article Write a draft that answers the four main questions below. Use the sub-questions as suggestions for the kinds of things you can say. - What is the purpose? - o Does this article inform, entertain, persuade, express, or some combination? o What type or genre can you classify this under - narrative, analysis, opinion essay, news, etc.? o What specific thesis, goal, or focus does the article tell you about? - What is the writer's ethos? - o How does the writer present his or her professional position? o What tone, attitude, or emotion does the writer present? - How does the writer appeal to pathos? - o Who is the audience most likely to read this publication? o Are there particular groups or interests within that audience which the article appeals to? o What clues can you find in the article that a particular group is the audience? o What level of background knowledge does the article assume in its readers? o What kinds of information, evidence, and reasoning does the audience need? - How does the writer use logos? o What is the topic? o How does the author introduce the topic? o What kinds of evidence count in this article? o What are some examples of reasoning, or conclusions drawn from evidence, in this article? Is there a rigorous concern for logic, or a more loose reasoning? Grading Rubric Answers the questions in the assignment. The overall question is "How did the author write?" not "What did the author write about?" - Begins by introducing the article in general terms - what is the publication, what type of article is it, etc. A reader not from this class should get a good idea of what your paper is doing from your introduction. - Uses specific evidence (quotations or paraphrases) in answering all questions. - Identifies the purpose, genre, and focus of the article. - Identifies the professional role of the author, and discusses tone or voice. - Characterizes the audience for the article - o from clues in the text. o from context, such as the publication in which the article appears or the professional organization which publishes it. - Discusses the audience's background knowledge and need for information, evidence or reasoning. - Shows how the author handles the topic, for instance by showing evidence, reasoning, and conclusions in the article. - Demonstrates mostly correct and appropriate usage. - Cites all sources using MLA or APA style, and includes a correct Works Cited or References page. source..

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(20 May, 2011)
Rhetorical Analysis
The topic is on “Emergency Medical Service Attitudes Toward Geriatric Prehospital Care and Continuing Medical Education in Geriatrics”. This is the various relationship that one has with the aging adult and their health in particular, it is a qualitative research on this particular field which most professionals do not seem to train in. giving the various challenges and the need to have reforms in the education of EMS providers and in this particular way, there will be more understanding of the issues affecting the adults this is seen that the human body is said to reach an age where it then begins to wither and in this, we have to make sure that it is all at par with healthy aging to prevent unwanted deaths and ailments (Peterson, et al. 2009).
The introduction is meant to make the reader more conversant with the topic an issue that has been very well articulated and makes it better to understand the crisis at hand and gives an estimate of the number of old people that he country has thus stating that they will have higher death rates if they do not do something about having trained medical personnel. It also honestly states the issue as it is on the ground in that trained persons in the field is the problem as this is an issue that is often overlooked. We can see that the deficiency to have the extra education is being tackled in some states such as New York by having it as a prerequisite of renewing certificates.
This particular article is one that is meant to inform the reader on the work done by the emergency medical service (EMS) providers as regards their aptitude to take care of the older generation which ranges from 65years. In doing so, it is also meant to educate us on the kind of people who should be dealing with the elderly and in this case, it is such professionals of very high qualifications with specific ways in which the continuing education is delivered to the staff. This is an analysis on this particular field in medicine and will assist in the understanding the work done and appreciate it giving persons with intent to join in the profession a...
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