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Rewrite your life Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


link to article:
compose an effective 3-5 paragraph essay in which you:
- Summarize the article.

- Analyze and evaluate the ideas expressed by Susan Gregory Thomas.
- Propose how you could use her ideas to rewrite an experience from your life.


Rewrite Your Life
Rewrite Your Life
In the article published by Susan Gregory Thomas for the journal ‘Psychology Today’ entitled ‘Rewrite Your Life’, the authors discusses techniques that an individual can use to change or redefine the story of their lives. To start the article, Thomas states an instance of her life where she was forced to rewrite the story. In her case, the author explains the setbacks that her daughter, who is of mixed-race, was facing in school due to racially based bullying by the white students and the lack of action from the teachers. In helping her daughter to overcome these setbacks, the author notes that she applied a technique that was based on an identity narrative theory, which enabled her daughter to change the story of her life by speaking up. According to Thomas

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