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Review on "The Corporation" (Essay Sample)


Step 1: Watch the movie: The Corporation. Please put some time aside to watch the movie. It is 147 minutes. Step 2: Write a paper in three parts. 1. Introduction ---Give me an overview of what the movie was about and its main message. (One or two paragraphs) 2. Body: Based on the movie pick two or three points that you thought highlighted the main ethical, political or social issues that affect business. Explain why these issues are important. (3 or 4 paragraphs) 3. Conclusion: Based on your discussion in part 2, talk about possible solutions for these problems. Also, give some indication of whether you think the corporate world is on the right path to solve these problems and whether it needs help from the government. (2 or 3 paragraphs) You MUST use the following headings in your paper 1. Introduction 2. Body 3. Conclusion


The Corporation: A Movie Review
Date of Submission
Mark Achbar teamed up with professionals such as Jennifer Abbott and Joel Bakan to direct a movie that attacks corporate practices in our current society. As an evidence of this, the aforementioned people produced "The Corporation" in 2003. A corporation could be legally elucidated as an individual. Therefore, the title of the movie makes its audience focus their thoughts on questioning the character of that individual (the corporation). It should also be noted that Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott portray the corporation as a shrewd inhumane individual in their movie. Further, the directors depict "The Corporation" inhumanely because of unethical practices such as environmental pollution, hurting animals, staff exploitation, and fraud. This paper reviews the movie in question by revealing that it portrays contemporary corporations as tyrants and unfair before providing a solution that is also used by the directors of the movie.
It is notable that most of the current corporations are portrayed as unfair to the society. For instance,...
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