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Response paper to the reading on Fangyan. Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Format and structure of the paper: (must follow)
1. A summary of the main points of the assigned article.
2. What you agree with, and why. You may provide further supporting arguments.
3. What you do not agree with, and why. You must provide supporting arguments, preferably with linguistic data.
4. A reference list is not required because you may not have sufficient time to research the topic, but it would be great if you include additional references in your paper. For the bibliography and citation, we recommend the APA style. But you can use other styles that you are familiar with.
Length of paper: 4 pages, double spaced
grading rubrics: see attached file (must follow grade A's guide)
What would be the best type of arguments in linguistics? (just for knwon)
1. Although some linguists do write conceptual theoretical papers with minimal linguistic data, such papers are very challenging to write well. Instead, most linguistics papers need adequate linguistic data for any argument.
2. Therefore if you can find linguistic data to support your arguments it would be ideal. You may even suggest possible data to collect to further the research.
3. However, given the short time alloted for writing the paper, you may not have enough time to gather data, and therefore it would be completely fine if your arguments can be made without too much reliance on linguistic data.
4. However, it may be helpful to keep in mind that linguistics is an empirical science, and arguments in linguistics are often approached quite differently from disciplines in the humanities. Research methods in linguistics are often similar to social sciences.
please response to the reading Mair, V. 1991. What is a Chinese “dialect/topolect” folloing the grading policy and requirements i listed above. And you can mention and discuss the questions listed in doc "discussion questions on Fangyan" while writing the paper. The key points are the requirements listed above which are the things you must talk about in the paper but its better to also mention the question which listed in doc. PLZ Dont forget giving supporting details and maybe reserching data and references.


Response Paper to the Reading on Fangyan
Student Name
Institutional Affiliation
Response Paper to the Reading on Fangyan
Over the years, terminological imprecision, especially with the Chinese word Fangyan and its subsequent translation by the English word “dialect” has resulted in a chaotic scenario. It has impenetrable in Sinitic language taxonomy that is unacceptable. With Sinitic, being such a diverse agglomeration of languages, Victor H. Mair’s What Is a Chinese “Dialect/Topolect”? Reflections on Some Key Sino-English Linguistic Terms seeks through rigorous analysis, to differentiate Fangyan from dialect.
In order to accomplish his goal, Mair indicates the need to understand the classification of languages. The “tree model” serves as an effective way of classifying languages. The first level constitutes of the major families, which includes languages presumed to be from the same “parent” language. Under this group, there is the “major” language like the Indo-European, Semito-Hamitic, Ural-Altaic, Sino-Tibetan, and African among others. 

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