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Response on a video: Mona Hatoum, Measures of Distance (Essay Sample)

For this assignment students will write their response for the following video: Mona Hatoum, Measures the Distance http://www(dot)youtube(dot)com/watch?v=ZMAU2SfkXD0 Questions to consider when responding to this video How has the artist incorporated speech/text into this video? What is the narrative being presented? Does the story have a beginning, middle, and end? How does the point of view affect our understanding of the content? Whose story is this? Can you identify the point of view? (1st person, 2nd person, omniscient, etc.)? Has the artist chosen the appropriate point of view for this particular story? How would another choice change things? Is this monologue/voice over fictional/nonfictional? Documentary or Improvisation? How do the images affect our understanding of the monologue/voiceover? source..

Mona Hatoum, Measures of Distance
Mona Hatoum, Measures of Distance
‘Measures of distance' is a video that narrates Hatoum's (the artist) life, and the way she longed to be together with her family after being in exile for a while. Much of her desire was to be close to her mother. The video starts with Arabic script moving across the screen while at the same time; there is an image of a woman at the background, which represents images of Hatoum's mother. The Arabic script acts as a partitioning between the woman and the viewer. It acts in the same way as the veil that protects Muslim women's privacy.
Although the main thing addressed in this video is a close and emotional relationship existing between mother and daughter, it also speaks of displacement, disorientation, exile, and tremendous sense of loss caused by the ongoing war in the artist's country. In this work, the artist tries to go against some of fixed ideologies about the Muslim woman. Muslim women are normally perceived to lack the right of expressing their feelings and thoughts. The video is constructed in such a ...
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