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Research in Motion - Managing Explosive Growth (Essay Sample)

Please copy and paste the following address into the browser. This is the information you will need to construct the essay: http://extranet(dot)hbsp(dot)harvard(dot)edu/pdfrecovery/908M46pjm_100611.pdf Please perform the following 1. Identify the issues management needs to address. Give particular attention to the topics you have studied in the themes and readings for this module. 2. Analyze and evaluate the issues identified above based on the information provided in the case and additional information available on the company's website (if necessary). 3. Recommend a set of actions management should take to address the issues that you have identified and analyzed. 4. The report must be in APA style, 3 pages, double-spaced. You are encouraged to include tables or graphs as appropriate for your analysis. source..

According to Mazutis (2008) Research in Motion is a company whose line of business is the manufacture of BlackBerry smart phone devices. Despite having an excellent team of engineers who were delivering award-winning products, the company was growing explosively and was facing fierce competition from other Smartphone producers in the global marketplace. The managers needed to address the research and development plans of the company, in order to formulate a strategy in dealing with the expansion and competition problems. Having doubled revenue in the year 2007, there was need to double the number of software engineers but the company was facing scarcity both in space and talent.
Research in Motion had a traditional growth strategy that involved sourcing its labor force from the local talent pool through recruitment of new graduates from Waterloo University, through referrals by employees and by making acquisition of small companies with interest in technology. It had the challenge of acquiring one thousand four hundred new software developers to keep up with the pace in research and development as well as integrating them into the company culture, which was free of bureaucracy and the main reason for the low employee turnover rate in the company. The culture had created a dynamic and nice environment that engineers liked to work in.
To nurture the culture, the company had to remain centered in Waterloo but the current issues relating to space posed a big challenge to this idea. Research in motion had attracted and utilized most of the talent in waterloo and therefore had no option...
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