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Research challenges or benefits (Essay Sample)

Reflective Journal 2: Research Challenges and Benefits Most academic, political, and business papers require research. Answer these four questions in a paragraph form. 1. What do you think when you read claims in a newspaper or magazine that seem to be unsubstantiated? 2. How do you approach research? 3. What are your biggest challenges in doing research? 4. What are some tips that you think will help you and others in conducting research? source..
RESEARCH CHALLENGES AND BENEFITS Name: Course: Professor Name: (January 23, 2012) Research Challenges and Benefits It is very unfortunate that sometimes magazines and newspapers publish claims which turn out to be unsubstantiated. To make matters worse, some of these newspapers are renowned newspapers which have been in the publishing industry for a very long period. In spite of putting the blame on the side of the sources of these publications, it is the media’s responsibility in ensuring that the origins of the sources are genuine. Research can be approached in four main ways. The first one is the quantitative approach. This approach is related to the paradigm of positivism. The second approach...
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