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Report on the Case of R. Williams Construction Co. v. OSHRC (Essay Sample)

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Report on the Case of R. Williams Construction Co. v. OSHRC [Your name] [Institution’s name] [Course title] [date] The Case of R.Williams Constructions Co. V. OSHRC Introduction This report is aimed at examining the case of R. Williams Constructions Company which was placed under legal investigation due to a trench collapse, which resulted in the death of one employee while another worker suffered critical injury. The OSHRC (Occupational Safety and Health Review Committee) who is responsible for ensuring workers safety, formed and implemented certain regulations that are were designed to minimize on job injuries and fatalities. After inspection of the incident, the organization charged R. Williams Co. with strict penalties claiming that the management of the company failed to practice the employee safety regulations. The report will provide an insight to the actual legal issue in this case, followed by a brief account of how the company violated the OSH Act. The report will also discuss the validity of the arguments put forward by Williams along with reviewing the extent to which employees’ actions determine liability according to the OSH Act. What was the legal issue in this case? In the case of R.Williams, OSHRC held the company responsible for the trench collapse and was charged with heavy penalties on account of violating four important regulations. The desecrations were: Company’s failure to give comprehensive and proper training to employees on how to identify and avoid dangerous work conditions. Company’s failure to make sure that any worker would not have to travel more than 25 feet to be in a safe zone. The failure of the firm’s management to deploy an experienced individual, especially proficient in trench safety, for the job. The fourth violation is the R. William’s failure to ensure that the excavation walls were either properly supported or slopped as the law requires (Walsh, 2012, p.510). The OSH...
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