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Remembering team membership (Essay Sample)

Assigment 3 consists of an outside produced essay, approximatley 6-8 pages, providing the student with the opportunity to explore an area of interest relating to team membership and linking the practical to MSA 601 academics. Remembering team membership is a team with the total of 2 - 8 members. MSA 601 academics and key terms can be found in the book titled organizational Dynamics and Human Behavior. Central Michigan University. source..
Remembering My Team Membership
Course title:

According to Websters New World Dictionary, team work is a collaborative action by a group of people whereby, every individual in that group subordinates his or her personal interests and opinions to the concord and effectiveness of that team. This however, does not translate that an individual person is no longer regarded as valuable; rather, each individual is considered significant in the achievement of the designed objectives.
Last semester, I had a very good experience working with students with different skill-sets, across different cultures and different behavior. Working with a diverse team actually enabled me to develop good friendship capabilities. In addition, it also increased my perspectives and gave me the opportunity to develop skills which appropriate for this diverse and globalised business world.
In the beginning of this assignment, all of us were assigned teams and were requested by our course professor to ensure that the project is completed effectively and that all should be involved. There were around four members including myself in this team. The other group members were Hisabela, Stephanies, and Menek. Though we experienced some problems here and there, particularly with regard to individual behaviors, I am not going to take any remark concerning this on any of my team members, or how they participated in the accomplishment of the project. All in all, they contributed in one or another to the accomplishment if the goal at hand.
Slowly by slowly, each team member developed an understanding sense among ourself for group work, and each was allocated specific areas in relation to group work. Some of these tasks included, sliding making for presentation, data collection from the internet, data analysis, report making, and so on. Specifically, I was tasked with the development of the procedures in carrying out the project work and also informing other people on how to go on with the task. In no time, other team members were now looking up for me to begin the work.
In my team, there was a lady named Hisabella who was quite effective in developing procedures for performing assignments. This lady used to present her opinions and views when we were together as team members. In addition, she also seemed to be good in any kind of task she was assigned. Meenak on the other hand, was quite effective in slide making and typing the compiled reports from the team work. In addition to this works, she also became responsible in ensuring the questionnaires for data collection were filled and that the survey was also done. Stephanie on the other hand, was effective in looking for secondary data from the internet and the school library. He was the one who came up with the literature information that was relevant to our project. My specific job was to do a final compilation and data analysis and the final report and presentat...
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