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Religious Mythology Research Assignment Paper (Essay Sample)


Pick one of the five major world religions. You might want to consider a religion other than your own to offer the class something new. Find a myth from that religion that you can directly connect to something in the religion’s material dimension. A myth is a story from that religion, NOT a misunderstanding of the religion in general culture. See Learning Resources for examples of myths.
Provide a link to a version of the myth and give us a very short (3-5 sentences) description of the myth.
Provide a link to the element of the material dimension that links to the myth and give us a paragraph that analyzes how the two are connected. For example: Is this an object that is part of a ritual? Is it used by believers to accomplish something? Does it teach believers something? Does it help a community express their beliefs? Is it something (like a work of visual art) that critiques the values/beliefs/practices etc. expressed by the myth, or offers a new perspective on the religion?
Offer your personal reaction to what you have found and discuss why you think it is particularly interesting.


Religious Mythology
Buddhism is a religion that is based or centered on a spiritual awareness that enacts from within oneself by being in touch or rather relating to the daily experience of life and mind so as to alienate any form of suffering, physical or otherwise. The religion teaches its followers a practical method through they can witness the awakening of wisdom and compassion within themselves and around the world. Like in many other religions Buddhism also has its fair share of myths which are associated with various aspects of its beliefs or that correlates to the Buddhist material dimension. The Buddhist Shambhala myth is an example of one of the religion’s mystical relics upon which most of its doctrines revolve.
Shambhala is a Sanskrit word for a place of peace which according to the myth is a mystical place where only the pure at heart can live in the fullness of love, wisdom and devoid of all forms of suffering, desire, and aging. It also serves as a preserve of the religion’s sacred spiritual teachings and as a dwelling place for the Mighty Buddhist kings ...
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