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Writing Research Assignment About Religion's Midterm (Essay Sample)


(essay) you watched the movie St. Vincent where Oliver had to research a traditional saint and then do a presentation on someone he considered to be a modern day living saint. Your job in this essay is to do the same. Research a traditional saint being sure to cite your source and give me one paragraph of information on him/her. Then, choose someone you believe to be a living saint being sure to include your criteria for the distinction and write a paragraph about him/her as well.


Essay of Religion's Midterm
Essay of Religion's Midterm
In the church history, there are more than 10,000 saints, both men and women who performed extraordinary deeds and over time have been recognized for their contributions. St.Angela is an example of a traditional saint who dedicated her life to serving the poor until she died in 1932. St Angela is commonly referred to as the "mother of the poor," started her religious work at 19 years (, 2017).
Angela received her calling while praying; she saw an empty cross in front of her. This was a sign from God for her to bring his people to Christ. She dedicated herself to prayer and served the poor people within her locality (, 2017). Her charitable deeds attracted other people, and the Congregation of the Cross was established to help the destitute. Even though she died in 1932 in Seville, her mission was kept alive by her followers to show the true meaning of humanity (, 2017).
Today, we read about several examples of living saints, one person that stands out among all them is Mother Olga Yaqob. Born in Iraq, Olga began volunteering in the church at an early age. She washed dead bodies, and helped the church bury those killed during the war in Iraq. With many people dying each day, Olga encountered horrific scenes as she had to help relative identify the bodies of their loved ones.
Like St. Angela, Olga is resilient; she has survived four wars in Iraq. For over 35 years, she has served the poor in dire situations and also made significant contributi...
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