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Reflecton of Chapter 15: Personality and Traits (Essay Sample)


This is the instruction from the Professor---> Please reflect on your own reactions and feelings to the materials covered in chapter 15. Pick 2 specific concepts or ideas from the class materials. In your own words describe the two concepts (Personality and Traits) and what you have learned. In addition, explain how this knowledge will make you a better therapist.


Personality and traits
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This book was written and compiled by a team of professors in the field of psychology. The manner in which content is covered in this book is quite orders and educative. Anybody reading this book is able to note fast enough that the people who wrote it have a vast experience in psychology. In this essay, I share my own reflection of what I learned about personality and traits from chapter 15 of the book.
Personality is built from the big five dimensions namely: extraversion, neuroticism, agreeableness, conscientiousness and open to experience. These are main building blocks of personality much as some people would argue that personality is mainly built from one’s genetic constitution. The book defines traits as the characteristics of a person that result from his personality. The book illustrates that a person with an active personality develops good habits. The book agrees with general dimensions of identifying personality but limits application of the aspects on a universal basis. General dimensions of personality include: extraversion, neuroticism, agreeableness, conscientiousness and open to experience. However the book argues that there should be no particular method is enough in defining personality of people. The authors try to analyze character of individuals in differentperspectives to come with a moreprecisedefinitionandmeasures of determiningpersonality.
The first approach is using trait approach seeks to identify personality of a person by capturing his trai...
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