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Portfolio Reflection, Ted Talk Review and Analysis of Image (Essay Sample)


Two parts to this assignment
1. Revise 2 previously submitted assignments ( Ted Talk Review and Analysis of Image)
2. Complete the reflection response that asks you to consider this semester, and you growth as a multimodal writer
What was your favorite part of the course? 
Ted Talk Review
What was your least favorite?
Final Project


Reflection and Revision
Reflection Response
I always look forward to a new semester because I get to learn something new. However, as many students would agree, one never gets to enjoy all the subjects and this can make a huge portion of a semester boring. When a new subject is introduced, one always hopes to enjoy it but this is not always the case. The truth is a teacher influences students' attitude towards a particular subject. However, for online courses where no teacher is expected, things are different. Here, one does not have the privilege of having classmates or even discussion groups. Every student is for themselves and one just takes the lessons as they come. Assignments, especially for someone taking an online course are the only way to know whether one is learning something or one understands what they are studying. However, this article is not entirely like any other assignment I have had this semester because its main purpose is to help me reflect over my entire semester.
First of all, I would like to start by saying that I had a great semester and that I have grown tremendously as a multimodal writer. A multimodal composition is one that makes use of a variety of modalities to achieve a particular goal or purpose. Examples of some modalities which can or are normally used include audio, gestural, visual, linguistic, and spatial. Each of these is often used to create a particular meaning or to create a specific meaning. Growth as a multimodal writer requires patience as well as the drive to learn and to comprehend the use of different modes to help one's growth as a writer. Examples of multimodal composition assignments include blogs, podcasts, audio or video essays, collages, comic strips, etc. While we never got to do all of the above in class, we did get to experience what or how multimodal writing should be done or entails. This helped to groom us into the art and I can confidently say that I am a better multimodal writer than I was before the beginning of this semester.
Of all the assignments we did this semester, the Ted Talk Review was by far my favorite and it also represents my best work. One of the reasons is I like watching Ted Talks and I have always taken time off my schedule to watch a video every week. I find Ted Talks highly entertaining and informative. I have learned more about the world and myself from the talks than from my personal observation and depending on the topic, books. For this particular Ted Talk, I liked it because of the fact that it had an interesting topic and one that everyone my age and especially in school could relate with. Building creative confidence is indeed an interesting topic and David makes it more interesting and persuasive especially when one considers how he handles the topic as well as the cues he used. David is indeed a good orator an

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