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Reflection on presentation: How psychical education (PE) teachers can use instructional models in practice to match the academic discourse. (Essay Sample)

I need to write a reflection about the presentation that was a group work. we need to write the competencies its mentioned in the the attached filed and highlighted in yellow they are two. please I have to write my experience through the group and so on. I'll attach the guidelines : E-Portfolio Assignment Each student must write a personal reflection concerning your group presentation project in connection with the 9 BTC teacher competencies listed below: BTC Teacher Competencies MOE Teacher Competencies 1 – Content Knowledge 1 - Has knowledge of subject content within the curriculum 2 – Student Development 8 - Develops students' social and emotional well-being 11 – Develops students' physical well-being 12 – Seeks to understand and act on students' problems 3 – Diverse Learners 4 - Provides timely feedback and remedial actions on students' learning difficulties 4 – Instructional Strategies 2 - Has skills in developing innovative teaching approaches to suit students' needs 5 – Learning Environment (classroom management) 6 - Has classroom management skills 7 - Takes steps to improve environment for learning 6 – Assessment 3 - Has ability in assessing students' learning that can identify weaknesses 7 – Communication & Instructional Technology 5 - Has interpersonal and communication skills with students 8 – School, Community, and Civic Engagement 9 - Develops students' moral values 10 – Develops students' civic awareness 15 – Collaborates with stakeholders 16 – Initiates ideas for school improvement 9 – Reflective Practice, Ethics and Professionalism 13 – Leadership Skills 14 – Work effectiveness in teams 21 – Punctual for class, school, activities and meetings 22 - Shows positive attitude towards the job 23 – Willing to cooperate with colleagues 25 - Exhibits patience in all dealings _____________ 17 - Commitment to self-improvement 18 – Initiative at seeking professional development programs 19 – Engages in intellectual educational discussions with colleagues 20 - Encourages and helps colleagues to develop professionally 24 – Possesses high degree of work ethics This activity is designed to guide you to building up for e-portfolio. The reflection should be 1.5-2 pages in length. Please use the accompanying rubric in order to guide the writing of the report. What's the paper about? How psychical education (PE) teachers can use instructional models in practice to match the academic discourse. source..

Reflection on Presentation
Reflection on Presentation
The group's presentation concerned how PE teachers can use their instructional models in practice to match academic discourse. Throughout the research and presentation I learnt that for instruction models to be used successfully, the teacher has to be competent and the students diligent and supportive of each other.
In researching about instructional strategies our colleagues in the other group did educative and entertaining work. First and foremost, the group discussed on the competencies of the PE teachers known to the students. They related this with the ideal PE teachers as provided for in the school rules. They also shared different experiences about how we have been treated during PE classes by different teachers. They compared their observations with the requirements discussed in many texts and research papers. They also sought to find how the teacher was developing skills during PE classes to suit our needs as students.
It is incredible how refreshed one feels after a PE class. My worldview is usually a positive one and everything feels possible. I think that a PE teacher should learn the effects and stre...
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