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Reflection Letter (Essay Sample)

**I think you should understand what my situation is so you can write easier. I got suspension from university because of cheating in the class quizzed and online tests. One of my friends helped me on my quizzes and we got caught. We were afraid so we didn't tell the truth so the school gave us suspension. Also my writing is not good so I don't want you to use high-level vocabulary. I am an university student but as I told you my writing is not good as an international student. **Also Academic integrity seminar homework is one that you wrote the essay for me, VAIL is online quiz that deal with cheating and plagiarism. The website is http://www-apps(dot)umuc(dot)edu/vailtutor/, please look it up. **I want to check a first draft **If you have any questions, please send me a message. Thank you so much for your work. source..
Registration number,
Date of submission:
The University Of Nevada Las Vegas,
Office of student conduct,
Box 452019,
4505 South Maryland Pkwy,
Las Vegas, NV 89154.
Dear Sir,
This document contains my knowledge and lessons on ethics and integrity I have learnt from the Academic Seminar as well as the reasons why I found myself interacting with the Office of Student Conduct.
My suspension was based on misconduct of academic ethics and integrity. We were caught cheating on quizzes and on online tests. Being afraid to tell the truth, the school gave us suspension which I have served outside school. My involvement in academic misconduct in the University of Nevada, Las Vegas has taught me a lesson after the sanction posed on me. It was my actions that have caused me all these mess and according to the lessons I have learnt in the Academic Integrity Seminar, I believe in high degree of integrity from today. My friend and I were caught cheating on quizzes and online tests. Unfortunately, our instructor caught us red-handed and we were referred to the Office of Student Conduct. My relaxed efforts on academics led me into all these mess. Instead of going to do more studies on previously learnt topics, my peers and I would go to the clubs and any oth...
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