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Vaccination Introduction (Essay Sample)

hi I have to write a Referenced Essay from 4 articals(i will upload it later) which about vaccination , discuss the validity , say what the advantages and disadvantages and give your opinion in the 4th paragraph. I should write 350 no more than that. 1- please write a short and nice Introduction. and write five paragraphs , (pleas keep it simple as hight school level) thanx source..

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(05, October, 2010)

Vaccination Introduction
Vaccination is the introduction of antigenic substances into the body of an organism to provide immunity to body infections. For diseases such as measles, mumps and Rubella, vaccination is the most preferred form of prevention since it is effective. Vaccines are the medical substances that contain the weakened specimens of the disease causing pathogens, which are the inactivated bacteria or viruses.
Vaccination of measles
Measles is an infectious disease that is caused by a virus; this disease is the most common cause of deaths amongst children aged below 5 years or even above. There has been recorded severe cases of measles both in the UK and US . Children in the United Kingdom are offered the Measles, Mumps and Rubella (MMR) jab vaccine at the age of between 12 and 15 months old and booster a dose before they start school (Shepherd, 2004). However a quarter of children under five years have been observed to miss both injections. The Doctors reports across the UK on measles outbreaks warn of a possible epidemic (Tracy & Gustafson, Et al. 1987).
At one point, Macara said “our attempts to persuade people have failed. The suggestion is that we ought to consider making a link which in effect would make it compulsory for children to be immunized if they are to receive the benefits of a free education from the state.” she went to the point of submitting a motion to the British Medical Association’s annual conference.
Measles is characterized by fever, cough, running nose, loss of appetite and pinkish eyes, these symptoms ma...
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