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Rain Gauges: Are They Really Ground Truth? (Essay Sample)

Please provide a one page summary of this article. The article can be found at or by simply searching the topic on google. Use my log on credentials: Username: texeira8452 and password: moonshine source..
Running Head: Rain Gauge Accuracy Name Lecturer University Date The rain gauge: Are they really Ground truth? Rain gauges have been used to measure precipitation for a long time. The measurement of the gauges has been mostly taken as the truth but is that really the case? According to Nolan the accuracy of the rain gauge is greatly compromised by many factors (2001). For example, the mode of taking measurement with a rain gauge determines to a large extent the accuracy. Manual measurement are often more accurate than the automated ones. Since the measurement taken by the gauge is dependent on the c catch of the gauge anything that affects the catch ability would definitely compromise the accura...
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