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Brainstorming and Predrafting: Racism is the Cause of Poverty and Crime (Essay Sample)


demonstrate your ability to carry out a scholarly investigation of a research question concerning a problem involving racism and blacks in the United States. This paper will likely build from what you have already learned about racism against African Americans in the US, and you are encouraged to use this knowledge to determine the argument you want to make in your paper. You purpose in writing is to convince your readers of your claim by providing evidence to support the claim of your argument. Your research paper will be at least 1950 words (5 ½ pages), but no more than 2500 words (8 pages).
I. Brainstorming and Predrafting – The Research Proposal
Your research proposal will include: 
A Research Question:
Provide two or three Research Questions beginning with a “Wh-“ word (who, what, where, when, why, how) on a specific issue associated with racism towards blacks in the United States on which Americans deeply disagree
A Thesis Statement:
In one sentence, state a contentious thesis statement that answers your research questions and states what you want people to believe. This will be the argument you want your readers to believe about a specific issue associated with racism towards blacks in the United States, and specific issue will be something on which Americans deeply disagree. 
Justification of Your Research:
(1) Provide a paragraph that explains the claim of your argument and why you believe the problem is important to you and others in the United States. 
(2) Provide a second paragraph in which you discuss the purpose of your research, including questions you have about the topic, and the specific issues you will focus on in your paper.
(3) Provide a third paragraph in which you explain where you expect to find answers to your questions, how you plan to carry out your research on your topic, and the kinds of primary and secondary sources you plan to use. 
4) Provide a paragraph in which you lay out the dates and amount of times you need for the process of investigating and writing your paper. Include deadlines, and be specific about the dates and amounts of time you need to search for sources at the library, read the sources, write drafts, carry out reviews, revise, and any other steps. Use the class schedule to help you decide on the dates.
Research Proposals are due at the beginning of class on Monday, November 9th 
Bring a hard copy to class and upload an electronic copy on Blackboard
II. Drafting/Composing & Using Citations
Your paper must use the following types of sources. 
Four (4) Scholarly, Peer Reviewed Journal articles from the WSU Library’s journal 
One (1) electronic source: You may use a video from The Filmmaker’s Library Online (http://ntserver1(dot)wsulibs(dot)wsu(dot)edu:2757/flon); a video from 1st Search on the library website (, after you search, use the left side menu and limit your search to only “video”); or a TED Talk video (http://www(dot)ted(dot)com/)
Two or three (2 or 3) primary or secondary sources of your choice (books, magazines, web sites, YouTube videos, movies, speeches, interviews, CDs DVDs, journal articles, newspaper articles, etc.).
Your paper must appropriately introduce and reintroduce sources using MLA style to help readers understand where you are using another author’s ideas.
The first time you mention a source, you must use a signal phrase to introduce the source (MLA requires the authors’ first and last names, the full publication date of the source [year for a book, month day and year for articles, the title of the source—both the article title in quotation marks and the journal title in italics). 
Use an attributive tag to reintroduce the author when discussing other sources and then returning to a source previously introduced with a signal phrase (i.e., author’s last name and a verb to describe what they are doing - Glasser argues, Glasser contends, for Glasser, the problem is, etc.); in general, use an attributive tag to help readers remember whose ideas are being discussed
Use parenthetical citations to demonstrate where others’ ideas end and the page numbers where paraphrased, summarized, and directly quoted information is originally coming from.
You research paper will also include an alphabetized Works Cited page.
Please read it carefully
It had to be argumantive

Argumentative Paper:
Racism is the cause of poverty and crime
Racism has been a big problem in the United States for the whole of its existence to present. It has continued splitting opinion among the members of the public, especially in serious issues like education, poverty and security. Most non-blacks will always blame blacks for their failure to perform as any other ordinary American citizen, while blacks will always trace their struggles to their racial struggles. The emergence of the nation as a mature democracy has to a great extent been down to its efforts in ensuring equality and justice among every citizen no matter their skin color(Bouie). Among the efforts done by the government include passing of policies and laws concerning race, and efforts aimed at equal distribution of resources among the various regions occupied by different races. However, despite the efforts, racism has continuously reared its head over and over again. Racial discrimination usually hits the blacks in America, the most. Much of the racist gestures are usually aimed at this specific group due to the historical relations between the whites and the blacks. The sad origins of black treatment during slavery and their subsequent struggles to achieve freedom and equality are well documented. Racism against the blacks has been a chief contributor to poverty and insecurity in the United States(Feagin). There are various reasons in support of this claim, as will be discussed in this paper.
The economic ,social and political landscape of any nation is defined by the accessibility to resources, by its citizens. Social strain is usually brought by the failure by the citizens to have an equal opportunity to what they need .This is usually the case in the access or provision of social needs. The continuous racial discrimination against blacks has been evident with even the manner in which resources are allocated in the nation(Bouie). Even though the government has tried ensuring that this is done, there is still a wide disparity when it comes to the real actions. The purpose of this research paper is to look at the link between racial discrimination, especially of the blacks, and the poverty and crime levels in the United States (Martinez).
In ensuring an objective view into the claims of this paper, there are a number of research questions formulated, that will help in developing the thesis statement. The following are the research questions; what basically constitutes racism? How is racism among the blacks experienced in the United States? How is it manifested? How do the citizens in the country define racism? How widespread is the issue of racism in the society and the country at large? In which way has the black community in the United States dealt with racial discrimination? It is hoped that with these questions in mind, the research is going to take on a more direct approach in its fact-finding and mission (Adil). These will act as a guide as to which every goal of the research will point to. This paper will address specific issues especially those to do with the social relations between people of different races. These social relations basically revolve around people, where the different systems come into play...
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