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Public Policy. Case History of Gun Control Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Using the Internet, do some basic research on one of the cases from our lesson and write a paper about it.
In your paper, be sure to;
A) Have an introductory paragraph
B) Have a concluding paragraph
C) Between those, have a body of multiple paragraphs that address;
- What was the background of the case (history)
-What was the cause of it (the incident that triggered it)
-What were both sides arguing?
-What does it seem like public perception/opinion was at the time?
-What was the outcome of the case, and the resulting impact socially?
-What is your opinion on the case based on this?
3-4 pages, using APA-style in-text citation (reference name, year, and page # or homepage URL)


“Public policy” case history
Institutional Affiliation
Case history of gun control
Violence has become the lead story of evening news in the United States. Acts of violence where individuals lose their lives and the rest of the population are left rearing and haunted by the event have become many in the country. Gun violence in the U.S. results in the numerous deaths and injuries of the population. A survey by the Center for Diseases Control and Prevention established that in every one hundred thousand people, 23.2 persons suffered injuries caused by firearms, while 10.6 people in every one hundred thousand died (Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 2018, Jan 8). The effects of gun violence go beyond the casualties by shaping the lives of people who witness such cases, leading them to live in fear. Laws and policies to regulate the making, sale, transfer and use of firearms by citizens have been in existence since 1934. Nevertheless, the issue has been the most conflict-ridden issue in American. However, with the occurrence of more mass shootings such as the Florida school shooting, the need for implementation of stricter gun regulations becomes louder for the safety of all citizens.

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