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Quiet Strength: Tony Dungy (Essay Sample)

THIS IS FOR A MINISTRY, CHURCH, AND SOCIETY CLASS Read the book Quiet Strength: Tony Dungy Paper 1. Introduce your biography and give a synopsis/overview of the book. You should be able to do this in about two pages. Help your reader to know about the person and why he/she is significant according to the biographer. You cannot tell the entire story, so try to cover the elements you regard as significant. 2. Building on what you have developed in the first part of the paper, reflect on the individual's life and contribution from the standpoint of some of the questions we have been discussing and reading about in the course. These are simply some prompts: How would this person express his or her understanding of vocation or calling? How does his/her work reflect the sense that “work” is/was an expression of their identity and purpose in life? What evidence did you discover of the person's motivation for life and service? Does this motivation seem adequate to provide meaning and direction? What is the role of faith in God for this person? Is it evident in all that he/she is about? Give special attention to these last two questions: 1) How does his/her life contribute to the greater good in the world? 2) How does it contribute to the purposes of God as you understand them? This is a very important segment of the paper. It demands your assessment and evaluation of the material provided in the biography. It involves reading the biography to “hear” what the author wants to say as well as to see and hear the material in light of the questions we have raised and examined in this course. 3. Conclude your paper with a brief section (1-3 paragraphs) of your critique of the book. Try to avoid saying things like “this was a good book, etc…” Tell your reader why it was good or bad. What were its strengths or weaknesses in your opinion? How do you evaluate the author's treatment of the person? 4. Minimum of six pages in length, not to exceed eight pages. Full bibliographical data on the book. source..

Quiet Strength: Tony Dungy
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Quiet Strength is a biography of Tony Dungy life. The book was released in 2007 and it is an inspiration book to Christians and others who would like to live in the faith of Jesus Christ and can be read by the whole family. In 2007 the biography reached first position at the New York Times Best Seller list, in the hardcover nonfiction section. Dungy`s inspiration of having his story told was to convey positive thinking in the sports world. Dungy was a former professional American football player and head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Indianapolis Colts. Tony Dungy`s story about his life has an astonishing and inspiring effect on people and he has won the respect of players as he did not fall into the demands of sports ensuring that his family needs were met.
The first chapter begins on a sad note when Tony had just been fired as the head coach of the Buccaneers. On the night of January 14 2002 he packs his office things in boxes and reminiscing of past events when his children did homework in that office. It had just started to rain and a reporter takes a picture of him as he goes to his car. He is in a hopeless mood and wonders what God has in store for him. It had been a difficult season for him that ends painfully with him being fired. He tries to take comfort on his accomplishments as a coach but it goes without saying that he is in pain and is concerned about his family livelihood. The other chapters focus on football successes and failures. Dungy is a private person and does not dwell in lengthy discussions about his family. The only family member who is discussed is his son James who in 2006 took his own life at the age of eighteen. He tries as much as possible to ensure that his family lives a normal life despite him being an NFL coach. James` death brought suffering and pain to his family and Dungy discusses the effects in his biography in the hope that it may help someone in need. In the sermon of James`s Burial Dungy`s words touches a girl who gets saved. This tells us that by talking about our emotions we may help others to cope with theirs and also touch people hearts and inspire them to change.
When he is finally at the top, he gives glory to God, his family and the team. This is illustrated through his comments when his team won the Super Ball. When he was in the worst situation he praises God and is optimistic for the future, for example in the first chapter when he is fired and his son`s death. The book also talks about Dungy`s childhood and how he grew up in the sixties in the small town of Jackson in Michigan. His parents raised him to be knowledgeable and of good character. His parents also encouraged him to participate in sports but the most important thing that they taught him is to believe in Jesus. His father was a scientist who impacted his idea that accolades and memories of success are not as important as the way one responds when opportunities are denied. This was a great lesson as he became persistent and lived up to his full potential even when life became difficult. So as Christian we can emulate his way of handling failure.
At the University of Minnesota he managed to stick to his values and learned to avoid peer pressure from teammates who would regularly drink, smoke and use illegal drugs. This is a significant lesson to the youth as it helps them to understand that you don`t have to imitate peers to fit into any society. The society can fit into your values and with patience and perseverance you may be able to change ...
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