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Sentencing Philosophy and the Central Purpose of Criminal Punishment (Essay Sample)


Write a 500 Word APA Style paper (not counting the cover and reference page). Your paper should describe sentencing philosophy and the central purpose of criminal punishment.
Make sure that your work is formatted in proper APA Style. There is help with APA Style in the weekly lessons and resource sections of the class. Use the course writing rubric to guide you as you go because this is how your paper will be graded.
Do not use quotes. This is an analytical paper and you need to give your informed opinion based on your research. Make sure to use in-text citations. Example: (Jones, 2013, p.34). Stay away from the passive voice and first person when writing.
You need to incorporate at least one peer-reviewed journal article in your work as well as your interview with a local state or Federal judge. The best source to find peer-reviewed scholarly articles is in the Online Library.
Your paper must be uploaded to the assignment in a Word document only.


Sentencing Philosophy and the Central Purpose of Criminal Punishment
Course Title:
The philosophical approach towards sentencing is dominated by these two types of theories-retributive theory plus utilitarian theory (Epps, 2015). These two theories have contributed to further theoretical discussions about deterrence, incapacitation, retribution and restorative justice. The utilitarian theory states that the main objective of punishment as the impediment of future crime-deterrence. The retributive theory focuses on the offender's past actions since it seeks retribution from law breakers for their crimes. This theory concept is that the goal of punishment is to allot moral blame to the law breaker for the offense and that their future actions is not a proper reason for deciding punishment.
One of the central purpose of punishment is deterrence. Individuals are prevented from events when they cease from doing them out since they have a dislike to the potential outcomes of those actions. Questions on whether deterrence is ethically acceptable arise because it is difficult to assess whether the type of punishment and its severity has an impact on whether a certain punishment is effective (Epps, 2015). Another main aim of punishment is for retribution by the believe that the penalty is justified since it is deserved. When a society sets its rules a moral connection between punishment and guilt is created. Retribution acts as the consensus structure of a society, and a legal system depicts the rules as acting ri...
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