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Public Management (Essay Sample)

Provide real examples about change and reform cases in public or nonprofit organizations one example positive/success for one organization and how this change affect the employees and the organization in a positive way. and another example of another public organization that had negative/failure impact on employees and the organization. (please use journal articles as refernece). source..

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Public Management
Visa process for foreign visitor’s reform in United States is a good reform agenda which has been appraised by most employees in; American hotels and lodging, Service employee’s international union, National Restaurant Association and United States Chamber of Commerce in support of the visa reform. These announcements were done by President Obama with an aim of improving and ease on provision of visas to visitors in United States to boost on creation of Jobs in United States. The application process had been cumbersome are restricted visitors but with the implementation of the reforms /new visa policy most foreigners will have access to travelers Visa (Amano Et al. 2011). It is projected that once the reforms are successfully implemented it will increase new jobs in travel industry to 1.3 Million new Jobs as opposed to 931,000 which were supported by the industry last year.
A good example of a negative public institution changes which has failed or are negative impact on the employees are the changes which United Kingdom government want to impose on reduction of public service pensions. This has caused a national strike of more than 2 million public sector workers who have disrupted services in public institutions such as councils, courts, schools and hospitals. According to Winning, (2011) Union’s leaders objected to the plans of the government to make the civil servants to pay more and work much longer so that they can earn their pension. The government intended to reduce on the public service pensions which have risen by 30% in a decade. It intends to overhaul pension plans for all public sector workers by increasing personal contributions and reducing employer contributions and increase retirement age of state officers to 67 years in 2026 eight years before when it was scheduled...
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