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Psychology Research Genre Analyze: Comparison Of Studies (Essay Sample)


I've done with other paragraph, so there is only one paragraph you should to write. about 200-250 words.
This paragraph need to compare the these three psychology research papers. And must include following:
1. what is similar or different?
2.why might those variations exist?(e.g, text is used for slightly different purposed, genre has evolved)
3.what textual features must be included in your text? which textual features seem optional?
4.what might be the consequences of omitting the optional textual features in your own writing?
Then, please add references and appendix and check the gramma thorough the whole essay.
Thank you!


Comparison of the Studies
Date of submission
Comparison of the Studies
The three researchers are categorized under qualitative research designs with surveys conducted since they are based on the broader discussions on the trends with no much detail. In addition, all the three studies were based on the comparison using the primary data sources whereby the respondents were issued with questionnaires during the study (Belcher, 2009). Thirdly, the three papers are presented in APA format. The papers have double lines spacing with font sizes of 12, margin 1, and page numbers at the top right. The sections of the papers include title pages, abstract, introduction, methods, discussion, results, and references. All these sections are presented in their individual pages (Belcher, 2009). Lastly, the qualitative studies take the form of narration that ensures enhanced entertainment as well as holding readers. Attention as well as informs the readers to change their own attitude on the studies. However, the differences occur in the presentation of the abstracts. The studies have different forms of textual presentation. For example, a research on the Multi-Dimensional Assessment of Creativity begins with an introduction of concepts of creativity before addressing the research design and the sample population used in the study which is informative to the readers as well as ensuring the readers is engaged in reading the research concept (Belcher, 2009). This is different from the research on depression and family factors that present an abstract begins with an elaboration of the research purpose which determines the relationship of the variables. Regarding the third research on age groups and interactions, the abstract elaborates on the introduction of the background of the topic before highlighting on the study samples and procedures. Furthermore, the three papers have a general presentation of information and become specific as the researchers were pinning down on the research problems and hypotheses with a more general focus as they apply their findings basing them on the world’s general knowledge (Rocco & Hatcher, 2011). The various textual features that are included in the text include the cause and effects with a presentation of general information focusing narrowly towards the problems and then giving general concluding remarks based on the findings. For example, in all the three studies there is a presentation of the independent and dependent variables ...
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