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How Psychological Criticism Can Be Applied To The Age Of Innocence (Essay Sample)


apply Formalism to analyze the selected work. You must incorporate quotes from the poem, all documented in MLA format.
The paper should have the following elements:
a meaningful title;
a clear introduction to the theory that you will be applying to the chosen text in your opening paragraph
a clearly identifiable thesis statement at the end of the introduction that explains what the application of this theory will reveal about the poem;
at least three body paragraphs, each of which contains a topic sentence and supporting sentences;
specific evidence (examples and quotes) from the chosen poem in the body paragraphs to support your analysis;
a clear conclusion.

How psychological criticism can be applied to The Age of Innocence
The “Age of Innocence” is a wonderful work by which we can apply Psychological criticism to. This is because it presents to its readers, a character who has the qualities that most of us, people, can relate with. The protagonist was intelligently used by the author to give us a glimpse of our own emotions as we read and digest the depth of her stories. This main character guides us into a journey into our own deeper worlds, inside our own passions and desires, elements that are irreducible when looking at the human psyche.
Psychology is our means to analyzing the train of human thought. Psychology equips our mortal minds with remarkable knowledge to cognize and relate things with each other thereby creating, within our own mental plane, a conducive story about what we know. However, what we know, might not necessarily be truth, hence, we should psychologically analyze all facts in order to arrive at a correct understanding. Psychoanalysis grants us a window of perspective upon the deep meaning behind Newland Archer’s personality. Through it, we can realize why Newland Archer acts the way he acts. We are shown his deeper thoughts, teaching us that Newland is a prisoner of his own subjectivity, stuck inside a room of his own creation. But this creation, he did not loathe for he was able to remain true to society’s collective perspective but not generally true to himself.
Psychological Criticism grants us the access to the knowledge that we can gain from reading “The Age of Innocence”. It gives us the right points of view in order to perceive the story ...
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