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Comedy Written And Directed By Charlie Chaplin (Essay Sample)


How does Modern Times (Chaplin, 1936) frame humanity’s relationship to technology? Is the film a critique of capitalism and industrialized production? Explain using specific examples from the film.


Modern Times
Modern times is a comedy written and directed by Charlie Chaplin. The old movie is relevant and applies to technological work today as it applied to factory work in 1936. It can be said to be a prophetic prescient of social commentary on modernity and progress as it continues to dehumanize us. Alongside his classic Gold Rush, The Great Dictator, and City Lights, Modern Times is considered to be one of his important films. Besides serving as a satire and slapstick it is a functioning social economic commentary on the United States society at the time based on the increased industrialization. Although accused of being a communist sympathiser, Chaplin denied these allegations and some conclude Modern Times was to remove these accusations.
Chaplin uses Modern Times to show the tyranny of technology and society, that is how the society was forced to adapt and fit around machines and the institutions of the modern society based on the pursuit of happiness and the American dream propaganda. He gives the theme of technology as a factor enslaving and ensnaring human. This is shown almost immediately at the begging of the film, where a bizarre factory is shown with workers who are overseen and monitored by giant Orwellian monitors. Humans are forced to work at the same pace and perfectio

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