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Project Management Work Plan (Essay Sample)


I uploaded for you a number of tasks. I want you to paraphrase each tasks and try to write them in your own words. Thanks a lot, You can keep the same names for the headings of each task or paragraph... thanks :)


Work Plan
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Work Plan
2.1 Task 1- Project Management
It is definite that every project requires close attention and monitoring. As a result of this and based on potential and qualification, our team picked up a project manager. Fundamentally, the project manager’s role will be to providing management of the project through its life time. Secondly, our project manager will be coordinating all activities the teams carries out and also play an advisory role to the client and interaction with the project team members. Subtasks under project management include:
2.1.1 Kick Off and Meetings
The project will commence by having a start-off meeting which will be organized and conducted by GHEI. The aim of the start-off meeting will be to provide a platform for the client to familiarize with and have knowledge of the project team members. It is also during this meeting that the project team members will get to know their role and responsibilities during the project implementation period. Communication lines for the client will be established by GHEI during the start-off meeting whose basic aim will be to relay information on the status of the scope of the project, issues concerning safety, project schedule and any other applicable data. Depending on the client’s need and nature of the project’s development, PDT meetings will be held each week by GHEI.
2.2 Project Research
Subtasks making up the Project Research will be:
2.2.1 Preliminary Research
Simply, preliminary research refers to the action of gathering comprehensive preceding project information in preparation for the implementation of the project. By undertaking this preliminary research, GHEI will be playing the critical role of aiding the team members and the client to acquaint with various situations before proceeding with the project. information sought under this preliminary research will include the following: researching for the guidelines and required standards set by the county; checking on available prior studies; key permits relevant to the project implementation and various their requirements to be met; gathering information on the geographic characteristics of the site prior to the project; assessing the available infrastructure affecting the project as it is key to project completion on time; doing aerial site mapping to ascertain on the reliability of the project’s site and much more.
2.2.3 Site Investigation
During the preliminary research process, information gathered may not be ascertained to be accurate and satisfactory to the proje...
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