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Project management operations (Essay Sample)

Each of you is to identify an important managerial challenge facing your organization and develop a plan that combines project management, operations management and information management to successfully meet the identified challenge and improve organizational performance. It is important that you demonstrate how each of the three disciplines would be applied to the managerial challenge and that you not simply restate the general importance of the disciplines. There is no requirement to define the disciplines of program, operations and information technology in this paper. The most important factor is the application of these disciplines to the selected organizational problem. outline of paper below - History - Management Challenge and Proposed Plan - Applying Project Management to SQS Project - Initiating - Planning - Executing - Monitoring and Controlling - Closing - Applying Principles of Operations Management - Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (FMEA) - DMAIC Six Sigma Approach - Applying Information Systems Management - A System to Create CofAs - AMALGAM - References - Appendix A: Gantt Chart - Appendix B: FMEA Worksheet My current organization is Verizon Wireless and a managerial problem faced is inability of current managers ability to manage there teams on daily basis to gain significant results. My current position is a online coordinator and on a daily basis is responsible for taking incoming calls from customers in reference to the cell phone bills, cell phones and much more. A issue that has been going on is the fact that the managers have a problem with getting different members on the team to grow revune source..

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The Verizon communication or wireless organization began its operation in the year 2000. This was due amalgamating with another organization known as Bell Atlantic and GTE mobiles. There earlier the bell Atlantic organization had had interests in another company called UK-based Air Touch Plc due a bid of a large amount of money. This did not go through as the Verizon wireless owned a bigger share in the Bell Atlantic. The Verizon wireless organization grew to be the largest network operator in the United States of America as it continued to merge and buying of more mobile companies. It maintained that position over a continued period of time as it acquired more companies such as Alltel in the year 2009. In the same year of 2009 AT&T announced an agreement to sell Centennial Wireless services in Louisiana and Mississippi to Verizon wireless. Currently Verizon communications or wireless is the second largest network operator in the United States (Paul, 2009).
Project Management, Operations Management and Information Systems Management
Project management is an area which is concerned with planning, organizing, and motivatingand controlling organization`s resources to attain certain objectives. A project it is an endeavor which involve a specified start and end done to attain a particular goals and objectives. This target to bring forth a significant change or added value. In project management faces a major challenge of ensuring that all project objectives are attained respecting all the constrains predicted before. Such major constrains predicted may include scope, time, quality and budget plans. Also other challenge is to maximize the distribution of important inputs and to incorporate them in attaining set objectives (Menor, 2012).
Operation management it`s a field where management looks after, designs and controls function of production and redesigning activities of the business in producing goods and services. Ensure that the business activities are efficient in terms of utilizing limited resources and effective in terms of satisfying customers` needs. It utilizes inputs to produce outputs in form of goods and services.
A management information system (MIS) gives information to the organization which enables it to operate and manage appropriately. It is typically a computer system which is used to handle technology, people and data. MIS is not the same with other information systems as it involves are used to analyze and facilitate strategic and operational activities. The information given is utilized in improving the efficiency and effectiveness of decision making.
Managers of organizations face challenges in managing the organization. This is which needs a solution to ensure that the objectives and goals of organizationis achieved effectively and efficiently. The major challenge faced is the managing or controlling of...
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