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Producing Discipline Specific Writing (Essay Sample)


This assignment is for my English class. You have done the past 2 eassys for me. In this one it's divided in to 2 parts the first one I already did it. I will be posting the assignment sheet so you can know what I'm talking about and I will be posting part one of the assignment as well because you will be writing about it. Thank you. 
Its related the teacher asked to make a genera from our field of education and I'm a civil engineering so I choose to have a lab report as my genera.
The lab report I used is what they use in the field of civil engineering to test the straight of steel.


Producing a discipline specific writing: Civil Engineering
Being in the field of Civil Engineering, the appropriate genre that was selected is that of the lab report. Specifically, the lab exercise involved testing for "Elastic deformations and Poisson's ratio" as part of the determination of the strength of steel. Specifically, the material strength testing for the exercise involved tensile and bend tests in order to determine the ductility and the ability of a material to deform. By performing these tests, one is able to determine the elastic modulus (E) and the resultant effect of the perpendicular loads on the material such as stress and strain. By this, one is able to identify the properties of the material pre, during and after loading. The reason for the selection of this genre is that, lab testing of the strength of a material is an important component in the engineering field as it helps in determining the suitability of available materials for use and their capacity to withstand given forces in the service. Understandably, materials in service are subjected to different types of stress/strain or forces that may limit their service life and capacity to withstand these forces. Therefore, it is important for a civil engineer to have the skills and appropriately apply these skills in determining the characteristics of a given material as the first step in material selection for a given use. An important aspect of this genre is to identify a material or load that such a material can support/bend without undergoing any dorm of deformation.
The conventions of this genre are that such as cover page, abstract, introduction, procedure for the laboratory test being carried, the findings or results and the discussion or conclusions as well as an appendix of any relevant material used. To begin with, the abstract gives an overview of the test being undertaken. Here it is required that one identifies the purpose of the test and the anticipated conclusions. In the introduction, one is required to outline the objective of the lab report as well as other parts of the report. The procedural part gives the theoretical part of calculations as well as any other activities that are carried out in the process of collecting the relevant data. Another important aspect of a lab report is the results part where any figures, equations and tables that contain relevant data are included in this part. Any information presented in this part needs to be discussed well. Additionally, figur...
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