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Nursing Career: Explain the Process Needed to Acquire a Desired Job Position (Essay Sample)


follow the instructions below. *career choice is nursing. *layout the steps or process needed to achieve the career. *degree requirement for program. *what undergraduate degree do you need. *do you need a graduate level of degree after undergraduate. * are state licensing or certification involve and how to get it. * what other work experience or volunteering do you need for you career. *how do you apply for the job position. * if you get the job is that all you want or will want to work your way up to a higher position.( please start with a BSN and the graduate level of education will be FNP which is family nurse practitioner.) i will send more information if you want or require.

Nursing Career
The Nursing career has gained high demand for registered nurses as their growth is expected to grow to about 16% before the year 2024. Therefore, as a registered nurse, I can easily secure a well remunerated job. But what are achievable the steps to attain this career? I can only achieve nursing career after being registered as a nurse. To be registered as a nurse, I have to acquire proper education through some outlined paths. An aspiring RN may pursue a diploma or Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN). Another route to being registered as RN is pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing (BSN) as an undergraduate program in the University. Admission to any of these programs is done after the candidate takes a taking a pre-diagnostic test TEAS which determines whether the aspiring nursing student has the essential skills for the career.
ADN remains the most common and the shortest way to be licensed as RN. The ADN curriculum involves taking a two-year course at a junior college or community after, whereby I can obtain an entry-level nursing job (U. S. Department of Labor 18). Diploma programs are offered in hospitals and the course take a duration of about three years. Once proper education has been acquired, students applies and seats for a licensure exam offer by the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) (O'Lynn 28). The exam is administered by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (O'Lynn 31). The exam aims to measure the candidates understanding, knowledge, and competency in the field. Candidates who pass this test are awarded the license to practice nursing as RN.
As earlier mentioned, BSN offers the route to acquire proper education so as to be considered as a RN. Candidates who choose this route end up with higher credentials and are considered as professionals (Halstead 63). BSN takes four or five years in a college or university level. During the first two years, students learn prerequisite courses such as anatomy, algebra, psychology, chemistry and physiology. After these courses are completed, the students will apply to be enrolled in the nursing program. At the nursing program, the students will learn courses such as microbiology, pathophysiology and health assessments as research topics (Halstead 22). Students will also be required to accomplish clinical rotations as part of the degree requirement. Also, for one to be admitted into BSN, they ought to have done compulsory subjects such as chemistry, biology and mathematics at the done in prerequisite levels (Halstead 27).
After graduating...
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