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Process Analysis: Steps For Writing A College Essay (Essay Sample)


Steps For Writing A College Essay


Writing a college essay or paper is a task that requires a well laid out plan or strategy so as to help the writer to achieve the goal or target of the essay or paper. The essay should also answer the question laid out for it. Discussed in this paper, is a process that shows how to compose a college essay or college paper. The process has been broken down to steps so as into help the writer or student understand it and enable them to write an organized essay that answers their question. I believe that successful essay writing is a process that has several steps. Discussed below are the steps for writing.
Steps for writing a college essay
Writing a college essay or college paper is a process that has several steps that require to be followed in an orderly way. The steps are pre-writing, drafting, review, revising, editing and proof-reading. Computers and word processors are used in different ways in these steps. Discussed below are the steps in essay writing and how computers are used and their advantages and disadvantages in these steps of writing.
1 Prewriting
The first step of writing an essay is the prewriting step. It involves brainstorming on the topic that you have chosen. During this step, the student makes some research on the topic so as to have a good understanding of it and what it entails. The writer, at this step, generates the main ideas of the research topic and takes a side on the issue, especially when the issue is arguable. He/she produces supporting details for their side of the topic. The writer at this step can also come up with some examples that will support their argument. The writer then organizes the ideas in a logical manner and puts them down on paper. During this step, there are there are several aspects that should be put into consideration so as to help the student have a successful prewriting process (Christensen, 2013).
The student should then generate the main idea of the topic or question they are writing an essay on. After understanding the topic for study, the student should brainstorm on it and generate the main idea of the issue. The student should also produce some examples which they can use to support their ideas. At the prewriting step, the student should also take a side of the issue of the topic, especially if the issue is something that is arguable. The student should then organize their ideas logically before writing them down. It is at this step where the student conducts general research on the topic. The research is carried out either by reading books, the internet or discussing the topic with friends (Christensen, 2013). For example, an essay on the use of contraceptives by college students, the student needs to take a side whether they support or do not support the use of contraceptives by the students.
Computers and word processors at this stage of essay writing are used for research on the topic and the development of statements that can be used in the essay. However, it they have their advantages and disadvantages. Advantages of computers and word processors at this step is that it makes the process faster and more detailed. It's disadvantage is that makes the work lack credibility (O'Rourke, 2001).
2 Drafting
It is the process where the writer develops the main ideas into full statements that are put down as rough work. The drafting step enables the writer to have a chance to fully develop his/her ideas and to put the facts in an orderly manner. The draft is supposed to show how the final paper will look like.
It is during the drafting process that the students develop the main idea of the essay topic and develops fully supporting material, including expl...

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