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The Problems That Teenage Pregnancy Present To Society (Essay Sample)


Must have an audience, must have statistics facts, research findings, expert opinion, personal experiences can be added, language formal and clear, concrete connotative, no figurations, impersonal voice - no 1st or 2nd person. Must be an expository essay (problem and solution).


The problems that teenage pregnancy present to society
The problems that teenage pregnancy present to society
Teenage pregnancy has been considered a social evil in both the developed and the developing countries. The US has been linked to higher rates of such pregnancies compared to other developed nations. The rise in the cases of teenage pregnancy has imposed diverse effects not only on the young parents but also to the society at large. Parenting at the teenage has been associated with several predisposing factors such as the technological influences through various means such as the social media as well as the lack of sex education made available to the teenagers (Giddens, 2013). Teenage fathers can always get out of the picture whereas the teenage mother remains with the burden and the responsibility of raising the baby amidst the various challenges which come with such obligations. In regards to these societal problems, this paper will discuss various challenges that teenage pregnancy present to the society.
The society has been faced with the various burdens associated with teenage pregnancy. The level of illiteracy rises as a result of teenage pregnancy. Some of these teenagers may decide to drop out of school to cater for the needs of their babies by means such as seeking informal employment. Others may also drop out as a result of ridic

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